SAB member Madeline Arenth writes her student compliments. Photo: Blair Myers.

As the end of February approaches, Pace students look forward to the Student Advisory Board’s (SAB) Love Your Body Week. This year, Love Your Body Week will take place during the week of Feb. 19, with special activities planned for each day.

The whole point of Love Your Body Week is to educate students about eating disorders and to promote body positivity. SAB wants students to understand the importance of being grateful for the body that you have and for all the many things that it allows you to do.

Upper school counselor Sara Eden wants students to know that while some people have trouble loving their bodies on a daily basis, others face serious eating disorders. “We want to educate students about the eating disorders that affect some people and how there’s a spectrum,” she said.

While healthy eating and working out is encouraged, there’s a certain point that becomes unhealthy. “A lot of times friends recognize [those signs] in each other before another adult may, and as a counselor I’ve seen eating disorders get very serious very fast,” said Mrs. Eden. She hopes to help students better understand these issues because awareness is so important to maintaining the wellness and happiness of all students.

On Monday, Feb. 19 students can look forward to “You do You” day. On “You do You” day, SAB encourages students to wear whatever makes them feel the most comfortable in their bodies. It is a dress down day for all, and the point of the day is to celebrate differences and let everyone feel like they can truly express themselves and their individual personalities.

On Tuesday, SAB members and seniors Anna Stone and Kate Snyder will be presenting the school with statistics about eating disorders. “I’m most excited for the education presentation that [President] Anna Stone and I will present because we want the education part of LYBW to be there,” said Snyder.  Bringing back a crowd favorite, SAB will also have a performance in assembly and senior Ibum Obu will be singing again. In addition, there will be a dodgeball game during break to bring students together for a fun activity.

On Wednesday, students will be able to write body positivity comments with chalk in the gardens. Following that, on Thursday there will be trail mix in the cafeteria to promote healthy eating.

The last day of Love Your Body Week is traditionally compliment day. Every student in the Upper School will receive a compliment written by SAB members in the morning at assembly. “Writing compliments is the best because it just makes people’s days when they get a positive compliment,” said SAB member and junior Alexandra Baker. “I’m hoping that the student body will be properly educated, but also just have a good time and enjoy Love Your Body Week,” said Stone.