Mr. Dorman shows off one of his photographs he’s selected for the show. Photo: Blair Myers

Following tradition, the Pace Art Faculty show will take place again this year Feb. 12-26. The show will feature a variety of different mediums, including paintings, ceramic pieces, and photographs. Upper school art teachers Donice Bloodworth, France Dorman and Mark Knott will all contribute work to the show. Middle school art teachers Katy Cowles and Anna Murphy, middle school photography teacher Laura Inman, and lower school art teacher Susan Edwards will participate as well.

Since there is not a theme for the show, the art teachers have a lot of flexibility with what art they select for the show. In past years, they have done collaborations. “Last year we swapped canvases – Donice started painting on some canvases and I finished them,” said Mr. Knott. This year, however, students can expect to see only paintings from Mr. Knott. He and senior Isaiah Kelly collaborated on one of the paintings that students will see in the show.

The show allows the art teachers to showcase their personal artwork and artistic careers. “The show is really a sampling of what the art teachers do,” said Mr. Dorman. “All of the art teachers are making art, and not just teaching it.”

Mr. Dorman feels that creating art during their free time allows the art teachers to better guide their students. “The whole thing is really about encouraging the students,” said Mr. Dorman. To him, this goes hand-in-hand with the photography competition, the artists who are brought in to speak at morning assemblies, and everything else that the art department does in hopes of benefiting the students.

Mr. Dorman has selected several photographs for the show, including one that he took while on a hike in the Smoky Mountains. Another was taken in Fort Laramie, Wyoming on the way to Yellowstone National Park. In addition, he has some new abstract sculptures that he is bringing in for the show.

As usual, students can expect paintings from Mr. Bloodworth. “I’m working on my Naturally Series, which is a series of paintings that have to do with natural hair,” he said.

Students and other members of the Pace community can find the exhibit on the rear wall of the FAC beginning Monday.