Valentine’s Day Features Romance, Family, Friendship

Juniors Brian Zeldin and Avi Arora show the strength of their friendship with a heart. Photo: Genna Schwarz

Every year on Feb. 14, couples continue the tradition of celebrating the romance in their relationship. Valentine’s Day is known for its many clichés, including but not limited to: chocolate, roses, fancy dinner dates and movie nights. However, many people are trying to move farther away from the familiar, seeking to create their own traditions.

“This year I really want to come up with something unique to do on Valentine’s Day,” said senior Sam Delman. “I want to veer away from the ordinary dates and do something really exciting.”

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual Valentine’s Day spending survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, people are spending less money on Valentine’s Day each year. The gifts have also changed, from items such as jewelry and expensive chocolates to gifts of experiences.

The group tending to deviate the most from the typical Valentine’s Day gift giving are millennials. “I’m definitely searching for a great gift of experience rather than one of value this year,” said senior Ben Bernstein. “I think they are more meaningful that way because it shows you have to put more thought into the gift giving.”

Although most Pace students think of Valentine’s Day in terms of romantic relationships, there is a growing emphasis on all types of relationships. Friendships and family will also be celebrated this Valentine’s Day. “I’m planning on giving my mom her favorite flowers this year,” said junior Nate Robinson. “I know how much she loves them and Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect day to give her the perfect gift.”

For everyone who is not planning on spending the day with their partners, a good way to get through the holiday is by spending the day with cherished friends. “All I want to do on Valentine’s Day is hang out with my best friends and celebrate our wonderful friendships,” said junior Avi Arora. With all of the new ideas and ways to spend the upcoming holiday, not nearly as many will feel left out.