Couple Nicole Petrosky and Jonathan Rushton enjoy their first date together at the Atlanta United soccer game. Photo: Jonathan Rushton

Knightly News: Hey guys.

Nicole Petrosky: Hey!

Jonathan Rushton: What’s up?

KN: When did you guys start dating?

JR: September 21.

KN: How did you guys start dating?

JR: We went on a date two weeks earlier and just kept talking. I don’t know what specifics you want. (chuckles)

NP: I agree.

KN: What did you guys do on your first official date?

NP: Atlanta United Game.

KN: What is something that Nicole says a lot?

JR: Um, I don’t know. She complains about how she’s tired a lot.

NP: That wasn’t very nice.

KN: What is something that Jonathan says a lot?

NP: (laughs) I don’t know.

KN: Do you have any nicknames for each other?

NP: No?

JR: No. We’re not really into pet names.

KN: What is your favorite thing about each other?

JR: Oh, that’s a big one. Probably her smile.

NP: Aww. Mine’s his laugh. (laughs)

KN: What is something Nicole does that bothers you?

JR: Dang, we’re getting deep. So many things. Probably how angry she gets when she’s hungry. She won’t talk to me until she gets food. She gets “hangry.”

KN: What is something that Jonathan does that bothers you?

NP: He always asks me where we want to eat, and I never know where we want to eat.

KN: That’s not Jonathan’s fault.

JR: That’s on you.

KN: What is the hardest part about dating someone that is in a different grade?

JR: We take different classes, so it’s harder to talk about teachers and stuff.

NP: We have different friends so we never really hang out together besides when we just hang out.

KN: How well do you guys think you know each other?

NP: Pretty well.

JR: Decently well. Not in the superficial sense of what’s her favorite color.

KN: Well, my next question is: what’s his favorite color?

NP: Red.

JR: Yuh.

KN: What’s her favorite color?

JR: Grey.

KN: What?

NP: Yeah.

KN: That not usually a typical favorite color.

JR: Well, she’s pretty unique.

NP: Aww. (laughs)

KN: What’s his favorite food?

NP: He doesn’t have one. He likes all types.

JR: Because I’m a big boy.

KN: What’s her favorite food?

JR: Publix sandwiches.

KN: Thank you!

NP: You’re welcome!

JR: No problem.