Pace has hired new college counselors Ben Wescott and Pam Ambler. Photo: Pace Academy

Ben Wescott and Pam Ambler are joining the Pace college counseling office following the departure of Associate Director of College Counseling Amy Secor and Director of College Counseling Gavin Bradley. While Mr. Wescott officially started his new job at Pace on January 29, Mrs. Ambler will be coming in the summer. Associate Director of College Counseling Jonathan Ferrell assumed the role of director in January.

Upon taking on his new position, Mr. Ferrell hopes to continue running the office as usual. “This office, for a long time, has done really great work, so we’ll continue to build on that,” said Mr. Ferrell. While there will be a few minor adjustments with the new counselors, Mr. Ferrell wants to assure students that there won’t be any major changes.

Mrs. Ambler, a Woodward Academy and University of Georgia alumna, looks forward to coming to Pace and working with the junior class. Currently working at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School as associate director of college counseling, Mrs. Ambler is especially excited to get to know the Pace family. “The community at Pace is like no other,” said Mrs. Ambler. “Students, parents and faculty share a love for the Academy that is unparalleled.” As well as having experience as a high school counselor, Mrs. Ambler also spent time as an admissions counselor at Emory. She spends a lot of her free time outdoors, and right now she is working towards running a sprint triathlon. 

Mr. Wescott has transitioned to Pace from working in admissions at Rhodes College. He worked at Rhodes for six years, and is excited to work with students on the high school level. Having grown up in Lynchburg, Virginia, Mr. Wescott led his high school’s male a cappella group and was a part of the school band.

Mr. Wescott has always admired Pace out of the many high schools he frequently visited when working at Rhodes. “I’ve been in hundreds [of high schools] all over the country and chose Pace because it’s a place with big opportunities, but an intimate learning environment,” said Mr. Wescott. He looks forward to building relationships with Pace students not only in the college office, but also outside of that realm. 

While the college office is currently focused on sending off this year’s seniors to a variety of different colleges, their next step will be to get to know the class of 2019. Starting this spring, the junior class will have their initial meetings with the college counselors, followed by a family meeting.