Senior Megan Walsh enjoys wearing a jean skirt with a choker, along with fringed sneakers. Photo: Amy Butler

In the Pace Academy Upper School, various fashion trends pop up throughout the year, which attract many students and encourage them to follow the crowd. Many of these trends are short-lived, however, only to be replaced by newer ones. Others occur annually, but only during certain seasons.

Although primarily popular among male students, duck boots are also well-liked by the girls. Duck boots can be worn on a rainy day, dress down day or even just a cold day. If wearers want to change it up a little, they can wear the boots loose or tight. They especially pair well with vests or sweatpants. “They are just so versatile,” said senior David Roos. “I wear them, along with my cowboy boots, as often as possible.”

The dress code for boys is essentially a polo shirt, with little room for creativity. However, athletic style college polos allow people to express themselves and demonstrate their college favorites. Another feature of many of these polos is their unique material. This athletic-style material is softer and more comfortable than the typical polo material.

Reappearing from the late 1990s, jean skirts are making a strong comeback. This trend started last year and has spread throughout Pace. They can be made casual or dressy and can be paired with multiple styles of shirts and shoes. “I love my jean skirts,” said senior Hannah Schrager. “My white one is my favorite because it is has rips in it and works with so many different tops.”

With the arrival of cold weather comes the rising popularity of flannels. Flannels can be worn over other shirts or by themselves, and can be a great source of warmth on chilly days. Even though they are most popular during the colder months, they can still be worn throughout all seasons.

Another throwback accessory that is rising in popularity are chokers. Chokers can be paired with any outfit and can add something special to shirts that are on the plainer side. For girls looking to add an extra touch to their outfits, they can layer a choker with a longer necklace.

Slip-on sneakers are wearable throughout the year. Because they are covered and have a back, they are suitable for colder temperatures. They also work great with shorts, leggings and jeans. Numerous colors are offered to consumers, allowing them to work well with almost any outfit.