Junior girls pose for a picture at their freshman PDC in 2016. Photo: Abby Meyerowitz

As Thanksgiving draws near, the junior girls prepare for the long-awaited, annual Pre-Debutante Cotillion (PDC). Booking their hair appointments and ordering their dresses, many of the girls cannot contain their excitement for this year’s dance. With invitations having already been sent out, the girls rush to come up with creative ways to ask their dates. The whole process is truly a hectic one.

Hosted by Libba Wright, the dance requires a down payment to attend of $255. After filling out several forms, the girls are qualified to attend the Buckhead event that has been marked on many girls’ calendars for months. PDC is always on Sunday nights and junior PDC always follows Thanksgiving break. This year’s junior PDC will take place at the Capital City Club in Brookhaven on Nov. 26.

Booking hair, makeup and nail appointments are essential to some girls who cherish the dance. “I always make sure to schedule my hair appointment at least a month in advance,” said junior Leah Mautner. “That way there will be plenty of openings and I will be assured that my hair will look good on the day of the dance.”

Others find stylist appointments unnecessary, as they feel they can do their hair and makeup themselves, forgoing the extra expense of an appointment. “Getting your hair done for PDC simply isn’t worth it,” said junior Kayla Ross. “I have a flat iron and a brush at home that work just fine.”

Dress shopping is the real challenge in preparing for the formal-attire dance. While some wear a dress they already own, others create options by purchasing a variety of dresses. “Choosing which dress to wear is one of the hardest decisions,” said junior Holland Carlton. “That’s why I ordered three, and after trying them on I’ll decide which one I like best.”

Conflicts regarding two girls wearing the same dress are prevented by creating a GroupMe group where girls can send in pictures of their dress. “I created the GroupMe because I knew someone else wanted to wear the same dress that I was planning to wear,” said junior Kylie Blank. “After sending a picture of mine, I hold the rights to wearing that dress.”

Others simply don’t have the time, effort or determination to find a new dress so they wear one they already own from previous events. “Buying a dress is pointless,” said junior Madeline Janki. “Why spend money when you already have dresses or can borrow from a friend?”

Although freshman PDC, being their first real dance, truly sent the girls into a frenzy, junior PDC is considered a much more toned down event. However, the excitement the girls feel remains.