Exercise Strengthens Your Body And Brain

If you want a quick workout, the Pace workout room is available before, during and after school. Photo: Eden Kerker

Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Are you more motivated to watch television than to do homework? If so, the simple solution may be to exercise. Exercising improves your mood, memorization skills, self-esteem, physical health and much more.

If you get a bad test grade or have a stressful assignment coming up, exercise. Physical activity produces endorphins which boost your mood and lower stress levels. You may think that you have no time because of the mountain of homework piled up on your desk, but a 30 minute workout can greatly improve your mental state.

The Social Issues Research Centre conducted extensive research among workers and revealed that playing sports can boost morale and cause motivation. Not only will you feel more focused while doing your work, but you will get more productivity out of your time studying.

Five days a week, students are forced to sit behind their desks for hours and this can be very harmful. Studies have found that sitting for long periods of time can increase your risk for diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Even after school hours students are forced to sit behind their desks at home to finish homework. Exercise is a very beneficial relief for your body and mind in between work loads.

Exercising is not limited to running or working out in the weight room. There are so many different outlets for you to choose from. You can do fun things like going to a spin class, kickboxing, doing CrossFit or even just walking your dog. Joining a sports team is also a great way to exercise regularly while being social and getting yourself involved in another facet of the Pace community. It’s not too late to decide to join a winter sport or start thinking about joining a spring sport.

A common epidemic that infects the students in the Academy hallways is a lack of sleep. One cure for sleepless nights is to improve your time management, but another is to exercise. Physical activity improves sleep quality as well as sleep duration. Exercise tires you out and improves your sleep cycle.

A healthy body creates a healthy mind and with the regular amounts of stress placed on Pace Academy students, exercise can greatly improve students’ overall mental and physical health.