ICGL scholar, senior Molly Richardson promotes this year’s ICGL theme, Conservation. Photo: Blair Myers

After a long application process, seniors Donn Boddie, Molly Richardson and Eric Schank, and junior Abby Ray look forward to representing Pace as the new ICGL global scholars. This year they will learn about conservation, the ICGL theme, through travel and research.

Throughout the year they plan on continually educating the student body about what they learn about conservation through presentations to the Upper School. “I get to further my own knowledge and teach the Pace community about conservation,” said Richardson.

Ray has been intrigued by the theme of conservation for many years. “I’ve always been really interested in conservation, especially biology and animals since I was about two years old,” she said. She wants to take her knowledge into the real world, and looks forward to the in-depth research that will take place in the following months.

Boddie has been frustrated with current conservation efforts. “I grew tired of being on standby to the threats of our world and society, and want to be a part of preserving the natural beauty and relationships for others to enjoy,” said Boddie.

The group departed for Yellowstone National Park on Oct. 6 with ICGL Director Trish Anderson and science teacher Kevin Ballard. They are learning firsthand how workers in Yellowstone strive to put conservation efforts in place, and how this affects the national park.

The scholars are each focusing on a different aspect of conservation. “I’m focusing on the grizzly bear population in Yellowstone and how they manage this within the park,” said Richardson. Boddie is currently trying to outline modern threats to the Bison population.

To prepare for the trip, the team researched information about Yellowstone, such as its history and ecosystems. They have been meeting every Monday morning to discuss, research and share information that they have discovered both individually and as a group. “We will develop programs and activities catered to each division of the Academy that promote learning about conservation,” said Boddie.