Day in the Life of a Maintenance Worker

Chris and other workers have been running around the campus making sure that it looks great for the upcoming Fall Fair.

A day in the life of a maintenance worker is not easy in the slightest. When someone needs something repaired or a locked door opened, the maintenance people are usually the first to help out. Their days are loaded with ongoing responsibilities and chores, as well as many tasks that crop up throughout the day.

The maintenance staff members arrive at 6:30 a.m., allowing a brief period to talk to friends and drink some coffee. The first task involves opening the doors in the lower, middle and upper schools. Then they all manage the carpool line in the morning from 7:15 to 8:00. After the carpool line, the staffers traverse the campus to blow all of the leaves off of the roads and make sure that the campus is clean.

Every day of the week staff members are responsible for cleaning a zone. These zones include the area in front of the Lower School, the back fields, the gardens, etc. Throughout the day, they also handle many maintenance requests from teachers and other staff members. They are constantly making sure that the air conditioning works and that the lights function properly. However, small tasks like cleaning gum off the underside of tables is also under their jurisdiction.

“The busiest time of the year is by far the Fall Fair,” said Chris Bevel, a member of the maintenance and facilities staff. “We scurry around in the late months of summer making sure that the campus looks good.” The workers are also extremely busy cleaning the campus during the hectic months of August and December due to the sheer number of events. Staff members often have to stay late on campus when there is an event like a play or a parent gathering. At home games on campus, maintenance workers are around for security purposes and to help out those in need of assistance.

Maintenance staff members help everyone on campus from teachers, to parents, to students. “If a student forgets something like a binder or some homework in their locker and they need to come and get it over the weekend, we will show up and unlock those doors for them,” said Chacon Fanning, another member of the maintenance and facilities staff. “We like having the school clean for the students every day.” Staffers like Mr. Bevel and Mr. Fanning are responsible for bringing mail to all three of the Pace divisions. They help parents lift heavy objects and help students change a tire or jump a car. The staff are truly jacks of all trades at Pace and know every nook and cranny of the campus.

“My favorite part of the job is seeing these kids evolve from elementary school to high school,” said Mr. Bevel.