Shakila Williams Joins College Counseling Team

Senior Alex Tolliday introduces herself to Ms. Williams. Photo: Sydnie Jiang

Walking by the college office, students may see a new face that they don’t yet recognize. Administrative Assistant Shakila Williams is the newest addition to the college counseling team after the departure over the summer of Shannon Meyring.

Ms. Williams earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics at Oberlin College in Ohio and is originally from Detroit. She previously worked as an Assistant Dean of Admissions for Pomona College and an admissions application reader for the undergraduate admissions office at Emory University. Her position at Emory involved evaluating applications submitted by high school seniors, but she never had a chance to interact with them. “A huge difference between working at Emory and working at Pace is that here, I get to interact with high school kids every day and it’s more personal,” said Ms. Williams. “I get to see the entire application process from a senior’s perspective.” She is looking forward to supporting these seniors throughout the year and seeing where they ultimately decide to go to school.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with the college office, Ms. Williams sits at the desk right by the window. She is the first face people see when they walk in. Ms. Williams plays a crucial role in the college process, in that she organizes the calendar for the college counselors, uploads and sends out transcripts, and handles all the logistical parts of the process. She is the one who really moves the college process along and walks through applications with students. “She was really helpful when I was trying to organize my college applications,” said senior Canon Lynch.

Outside of Pace, Ms. Williams enjoys catching up on sleep whenever she can and reading. She also picked up indoor cycling a year and a half ago.

“Ms. Williams is great,” said senior Ethan Much. “She is very approachable and makes the college process seem less intimidating.”