Pace Lot Creates Chaos

In the morning, some students park slanted and on the line, posing more of a challenge to escape their spot after school ends. Photo: Michael Simon

Although juniors are very thankful that we are not parking at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church and shuttling back and forth to school, the Pace parking lot has lots of room for improvement. The parking spaces are narrow, and if you have a big car, or if a big car is parked next to you, it is a hassle to get in and out. Being in the front row of the student parking lot, each morning I have to wait in the parent carpool lane for a safe and accurate entry into my parking spot.

However, backing out of the spot is 10 times worse, especially during a sport season. Practices for my fall sport start at 4 p.m. at Pace’s Riverview Sports Complex, meaning I, along with the other players, must leave school around 3-3:15 p.m., which is inconveniently in the heat of carpool. Many middle and upper school parents idle in the carpool lane on their phones, rarely allowing students enough room to escape their tight parking spots. Even though there is the occasional parent who backs up for students, the majority don’t pay much attention as they wait for their children.

 A common conversation heard in the hallways is the amount of time students have waited in their cars for a parent to finally let them through. The carpool lanes are narrow as well, providing an extra challenge for student-drivers. Space, I would say, is the major factor that influences the challenges of the Pace parking lot. Junior Lucy Gash has had to crawl through her trunk to get in and out of her car due to the tightness of her spot. I even had to crawl through my passenger side to get to my driver’s seat on the first day of school. 

Students have argued that with the tightness of their spots, it is difficult to see whether cars are sitting still or zooming behind them. Many minor car crashes have already been reported among juniors, most of them occurring while students attempt to enter and exit their parking spots.

The parking situation is definitely not ideal, but given students’ past experiences, we know that successfully maneuvering the back lot is attainable. To all the juniors, seniors and new drivers, it will get easier as we get used to the dynamics.