marissa 5 minutes

Five Minutes with President Marissa Schwarz

Student body president Marissa Schwarz (middle) enjoys her first Pace Academy field day in 2006. Photo: Amy Butler

Knightly News: Hey, Marissa!

Marissa Schwarz: Hi!

KN: What year is this for you at Pace?

MS: Thirteenth. I’m a lifer.

KN: How has senior year been so far?

MS: The past three days have been great!

KN: What made you want to do Student Council?

MS: Um, I guess I really love, like, you know, helping out the grade, and I like government, and stuff like that.

KN: Do you have any big plans as student body president?

MS: Other than getting more people to come to the dances, we are going to get lots of tissues and two-ply toilet paper this year.

KN: How has the volleyball team done so far?

MS: We just beat Westminster. They were state champs, so that’s pretty exciting.

KN: Outside from Student Council, what other extra curricular activities are you planning on participating in this year?

MS: I am a service leader for Zaban Paradies Center. Out of school I do a service club with Jewish kids around Atlanta called Creating Connected Communities.

KN: What’s it like being a Peer Leader?

MS: A lot of work, but I think once we get our groups, and stuff, it will be a lot of fun.

KN: What is your favorite Pace memory?

MS: Maybe when Dr. DuPree sang happy birthday to me in some language I can’t understand. But he was pretty excited.

KN: What is your most embarrassing Pace memory?

MS: I peed my pants in Lower School. That was pretty embarrassing. I mean, it was really Lower School, but I had to change pants.  They were purple, so it was noticeable.

KN: That’s pretty embarrassing. What do you think you will miss most about Pace after you graduate?

MS: Um, I guess, definitely all my friends. I have been here for 13 years, so I don’t really know anything else. I think it’ll be weird to have a change.

KN: Do you have a favorite teacher at Pace?

MS: I’ve liked all my teachers but, I guess, Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Smith.

KN: Do you have any secret talents that many people don’t know about?

MS: No. I have nothing cool. Like with talent shows, I could never do anything cool. You know when they have you do, like, the secret talent, and no one’s got anything? That’s me.

KN: So, you have a sister who is a junior this year. What’s it like being in high school with a younger sibling?

MS: It’s fun to see her in the hallways, but I’m glad I don’t have any classes with her. I don’t know, she’s like annoying. (laughs)

KN: If you could change one thing about Pace, what would it be?

MS: Um…two-ply toilet paper.

KN: If there is one piece of advice you could tell the freshmen class, what would it be?

MS: I guess enjoy high school and don’t stress about the little things. It’s not worth it in the end.

KN: Thank you!

MS: You’re welcome!