ICGL Leads Pace Students Around the Globe

Mr. Hornor led a group of six rising seniors to Cambridge in the summer of 2016.
Photo: Tim Hornor

As the school year inches closer to finishing, students’ summer plans begin to become realities. Some will travel with family, others will work as interns, but one of the most enticing opportunities for Pace students are the Isdell Center for Global Leadership Study Tours. Different groups of students will head to three destinations offered by Pace: Alaska, New Zealand and Cambridge. “These ICGL trips are meant to empower a student’s global mindset, which will include them experiencing various levels of poverty, diverse cultures and natural beauty,” said ICGL director Trish Anderson. The summer trips will zero in on climate, business, history and the arts. This focus is unlike the spring break trips, which focused more on volunteering and community work.

A group of students will head to New Zealand and study climate and learn about photography. Led by visual arts teachers Mark Knott and Donice Bloodworth, the group will tour the beautiful natural landscape of the country and they will investigate the dichotomy of a prosperous nation in the bio-diverse landscape of New Zealand. This study tour will explore the art and culture of the aboriginal Maori people, and photography will play an important role for the members of the trip. Students will visit New Zealand’s two main islands and will raft in some of the most beautiful landscapes the country has to offer. “I can’t wait to visit this new culture, as people say New Zealand is one of the most interesting places in the world,” said junior Harrison Lewis.

Leaving for Alaska at the beginning of June for two weeks, students led by assistant Dean of Students and chemistry teacher Joe Sandoe and biology teacher Kevin Ballard will focus on climate and adventure. The trip’s participants will hike and explore the boreal forest, mountains and tundra of the Brooks Range and North Slope. They will explore areas of Alaska ranging from the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic, including Anchorage and Denali National Park. The trip will allow students to learn more about the ICGL annual theme of climate, as they will explore the effect of climate change on the Alaskan ecosystem and wildlife, including effects on timber wolves, arctic foxes and rough-legged hawks. “The goal of the trip to Alaska is to fully understand the beauty of the natural landscape and what we can do to help preserve it,” said Mr. Sandoe.

Chair of the history department Tim Hornor will lead a group of students to Cambridge, England to be a part of the Society of International Business Fellows summer program at Cambridge University. With only rising seniors going, the trip serves as a good basis to give the students knowledge of what college courses will be like, as they begin to think about their desired major. Besides studying, the students will play croquet on the lawns of Memorial Court, tour the Museum of the History of Science and the Museum of Zoology at Cambridge and take in the sights of London. The courses offered will cover a wide range of material including:  “The Ethics of Money,” “The History of Science,” “Sustainable Development and the Need for Energy” and “Why Shakespeare Matters.” “Last year’s trip to Cambridge was an incredible experience for us,” said senior Ben Siegel. “We learned a lot about business in the modern world, and we got to experience a side of British culture that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen.”

Be sure to follow along as Pace traverses the world on the ICGL travel blogs on the Pace website and Twitter account.