Sophomores Cole Campbell, Andrew Jenkins and Billy Snyder work together in a Pace study room. Photo: Genna Schwarz

Whether it’s in the comfort of your home or in a crowded restaurant, everybody has different ideal study spots for the upcoming exams. One’s productivity can depend on three main variables: where you are, who you’re with and what you’re listening to. Some prefer to study alone, which reduces distraction and helps focus, while others prefer studying in groups, which increases motivation and allows access to more information. There are many excellent spaces surrounding and inside Pace that students can utilize based on their preferences.

Being at home is always a great option for those studying alone, but that can lead to other distractions like sleeping, eating and technology, which limits study time. The Pace Academy Woodruff Library’s quiet library floor ultimately is the best option for these solo studiers, because it provides a quiet space to work alone. When studying at school, other students, as well as teachers, are able to help if needed. “The quiet library is perfect for spring exams,” said sophomore Siofra Casey. “It gives me more time to study, because I don’t have to drive anywhere. I also love being able to leave at any time and ask my teachers questions.”

For those who need a change of scenery to stimulate their brains, places like Starbucks are ideal spots. It supplies a quiet environment with Wifi, beverages and food. “I prefer Starbucks, because I can’t drive and it’s walking distance away from Pace,” said freshman Meryll Asher. “Also, because everyone in there is working so hard, it motivates me to be just like them.” Another public space that is perfect for studying is the Atlanta Fulton Public Library-Northside Branch. It’s silent, everyone around is working and they provide computers and books.

For those who study more effectively with others, there are a multitude of options at Pace. Try the Seaman Family Student Commons, the lower library, or any empty study room. The books and computers in the lower library provide extra resources, and the white boards in the study rooms help with jotting down facts. “I love going to a study room with a group of friends,” said junior Sarah Ann Ninan. “We all combine information and facts we know and write them on the whiteboard. They are quiet and very useful rooms.” So, whether being alone or studying in a group is your forte, go to the nearest library or coffee shop and start your work.