Senior Kyle Duval prepares the sound board for assembly. Photo: Sarah Kitchen

Senior Kyle Duval is a man who seems to be everywhere on campus: in the sound booth in the FAC every morning, leading Knight Gallery in Mr. Carson’s classroom on Wednesdays or in the natatorium by Mrs. Hall’s side. He is the go-to guy when students or faculty need to present a video or slideshow in assembly. He seeks to brighten people’s mornings by playing students’ song requests at 7:55 a.m. each day. Kyle has shined as the “tech guru” for the past few years, but what will happen next year when he graduates?

Kyle has been involved with Pace theater for seven years. “I started doing the tech stuff in fifth grade when we had the play, which I didn’t want to be on stage for, so I became part of the crew,” said Kyle. Ever since, he has continued to help out with theater. In his upper school years, he began to help Pace alumnus Jonathan Spalten ’15 in the FAC for assemblies. Once Jonathan left, Kyle ran assembly along with Rohan Malik ’16, and has worked alone in the booth his senior year. There are a few candidates to take Kyle’s place as far as morning assembly goes, including freshman Jackson Hamel. 

However, running assembly is not the only role Kyle will leave behind after graduation. Kyle has served as Mrs. Hall’s assistant during swim meets for the past two years. Dean Papastrat ’15 chose Kyle to take his place helping with swim meets, and now he runs the data organization and output section.

The role that Kyle plays at the Academy will be a tough one to fill. Although he can find replacements for each of his responsibilities, he may be the only student for the near future whose reach and influence extends as far as Kyle’s has.