landon and alexis

Five Minutes with Landon and Alexis

Co-editors-in-chief Landon Goldstein and Alexis Wilkins have an unspoken romance inside and outside of the classroom. Photo: Pamela Wilkins

Knightly News: Hey guys!

Alexis Wilkins: Hey!

Landon Goldstein: Whaddup?

KN: Let’s begin. How does it feel to be leaving Pace?

LG: I mean, it’s definitely pretty sad. I’m going to miss a lot of my friends that I have grown really close to over the past couple of years, but I’m really excited for the next four years. I’m going to make a lot of new friends, and Texas is going to be awesome.

AW: I’ve always been kind of ready to leave and get out, but now that it’s actually approaching, I’m getting kind of emotional about leaving people that I’ve been so close with over the last couple of years.

KN: Like Landon?

AW: Like Landon!

KN: So, why did you decide to join newspaper initially?

AW: Pace canceled the dance program my freshman year, and then I emailed Ms. Wilson over the summer before my sophomore year and decided that I wanted to write and send news.

KN: You didn’t even apply?

AW: Nope. Well, I made an application over the summer.

LG: So, I originally joined because Ms. Wilson approached me in the hall, and the rest is history.

AW: She doesn’t like you… as much as she likes me.

LG: Well…

KN: What are you going to miss most about Pace?

AW: Um, probably, Landon. (chuckles)

LG: Uh, probably my friends.

AW: Ouch!

KN: What is your favorite memory at Pace?

LG: Like at school?

KN: Sure.

AW: Probably beating the Class of 2016 in Spirit Week our junior year.

LG: Chilling with the boys in the Commons.

KN: What is your most embarrassing moment at Pace?

AW: I don’t have any embarrassing moments.

LG: What about junior year?

AW: Oh…

LG: She used to wear black lipstick and boots up to her knees. Mine is when I tried making an announcement in assembly and everyone starting laughing at me.

KN: Who is your favorite teacher in the Upper School and why?

AW: Probably Mrs. Durlin, because I had her freshman year and I was terrified of her. But now she loves me, and she helped me get into college.

LG: Mine is Dr. Pearson, because I had him freshman year and now I have him senior year. Science has always been my favorite subject, and he is just the man. Me and him are boys.

AW: I also have a soft spot for Ms. Wilson.

KN: Who would you say is more athletic between the two of you?

LG: Up until a month ago it was Alexis.

KN: What happened a month ago?

AW: Landon got a trainer. His muscles are…

KN: What is your favorite part about newspaper?

AW: Probably waking up early Saturday morning and spending time with Landon.

KN: What about you, Landon?

AW: Me!

LG: Lol no. Definitely the banty.

KN: What’s your favorite part about each other?

AW: Definitely his fiery red locks.

LG: I mean, like, looks are obviously important to me, but when it comes to Alexis she has a really good personality. Do you like that answer?

AW: Yeah, I like that answer.

KN: What is your least favorite part about each other?

AW: Sometimes Landon gets in his feels and stops talking to me for a while.

LG: Overall I’m not a huge fan. She’s pretty annoying.

KN: If you could give each other a superlative, what would it be?

AW: Most Flirtatious.

LG: Most likely… No. Also Most Flirtatious. (chuckles)

KN: Who are you going to miss most on staff next year, besides from each other?

AW: Aw, I can’t say Landon?

KN: No!

AW: Probably the Mikey and Rush “bromance.”

LG: Obviously, I’m going to miss Mike. We are boys.

KN: Are you guys going to pursue newspaper or journalism in college?

AW: Probably.

LG: I’m going to try to just do layout.

KN: Do you have any advice for the new co-editors-in-chief, yours truly?

AW: Don’t let your staff [stink].

LG: Don’t turn into Joe and Dori.