Senior Tahirih Williams is one of the artists whose work is on display now in the Fine Arts Center. Photo: Caitlin Jones

The Advanced Studio Art class has been working all year to perfect their portfolios. On Tuesday, April 18 they displayed their work from throughout the year and presented it to the community. The class is an all-senior class led by Donice Bloodworth. But the students also work with ceramics teacher Mark Knott and photography teacher France Dorman. The students in the class include Kate Bethel, Sophie Blasberg, Michael Chen, Kaki Cox, Josie Cross, Lizabeth Frohwein, Justin Rayman, Jibril Sadiq, Laura Shelton and Taylor Upchurch.

Students in independent studies art classes also have their work on display currently. The students in the Independent Art: Photography class are seniors Katie Jordan, Sari Leven and Jack Wallace, and senior Tahirih Williams is in Independent Art: Ceramics.

Many of these artists are looking to pursue art in college, such as Jibril. He will be going to Kennesaw State University to major in fine art and further expand on what he has already learned in his years taking art at Pace. “My favorite part had to be the senior art show, because it compiled all the best parts of everyone in the class,” said Jibril. “It really made me feel good about how far I’ve come.”

The students use a variety of techniques and mediums, such as painting, drawing, photography and ceramics. “This group of kids is very diverse. It is not all just painters but also sculptors and photographers,” said Donice. Others, such as Taylor, look to further step outside the box and combine painting and photography. One of Taylor’s favorite approaches is to take a photo of someone, put it on a canvas and then paint over the picture.

Taylor is going to New York University and is currently undecided on whether she will double major or minor in Studio Art. She is currently on a pre-law track with a focus in art and intellectual property, meaning she will be working to protect the rights of artists. Whatever she decides to pursue in life, Taylor feels as if the Studio Art class will have prepared her well. “My favorite part about the class was definitely the working dynamic between the teachers and our class,” said Taylor. “We had an awesome class with a wide range of artistic skills, and Donice and Mr. Knott helped us improve upon what we have always been strong on but also try new things.”

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