Ms. Barbakow gives the thumbs up for the sophomore girls to wear leggings. Photo: Abby Meyerowitz

With the recent ban on wearing leggings to school for sophomore girls, chaos erupted at Pace Academy. Prior to the ban, sophomore dean Erica Barbakow had met with the sophomore girls, warning them that if anyone were to break the strict dress code rules, leggings would be prohibited for everyone. “I don’t know why anyone would directly disobey Ms. Barbakow,” said sophomore Aleks Golde. “I know I wouldn’t want to be the one to lose leggings for the whole grade.”

But someone did break the rules, and the casual, “going to the gym” look did not work for Ms. Barbakow, along with Dean of Students and math teacher Gus Whyte and Assistant Dean of Students and science teacher Joe Sandoe. Since then, however, their decision has been revoked due to many complaints from the students about the inequity of the dress code rules. “I just couldn’t deal with the number of complaints I received,” said Mr. Sandoe. “It was better to revoke the rule rather than deal with the wrath of so many teenage girls.”

The students felt that comfort was a top priority for the school day, and that it even helps them learn better. “Comfort is key,” said sophomore Leah Mautner. “Wearing jeans for a full day can cut off your circulation. Then you can’t focus in your classes.” High school is supposed to prepare you for college, so the girls believe that high school dress codes should reflect college norms. 

Some students felt that the rule was sexist, with many girls thinking that teachers are more lenient towards boys regarding the dress code. “I see boys wearing T-shirts under their sweatshirts all the time and no one gets mad at them,” said sophomore Alex Allen. “Gender does not define rights,” said sophomore Annabelle Critz. “Women deserve equal rights and should be free to express themselves by wearing whatever clothes they want.”

“We’ve decided that it was best to bring back leggings,” said Mr. Whyte. “We just want to make the most students happy and clearly, revoking the ban on leggings is the way to earn the favor of every sophomore girl.” The sophomore girls could not be happier with the new and improved rules regarding leggings.