Dr. Pearson prepares for teaching AP Astrology to his students. Photo: Anna Stone

For students who wish to take an AP science but prefer more profound and useful knowledge, a new class is now available: AP Astrology. Science department chair and physics teacher John Pearson decided to share his love of outer space with any students who wish to shoot for the stars. The class will have a difficult workload and complex material, so it will be a double period open only to seniors and juniors.

Dr. Pearson plans to focus solely on the zodiac signs for the first semester and the constellations for second semester. Dr. Pearson, who is a twin, is a Gemini, the sign of the twins. This incredible coincidence is what got him interested in zodiac signs from a young age.

After years of keeping his passion to himself, Dr. Pearson has finally gotten his class approved. He is excited to have his students learn more about their identities in rigorous studies related to their zodiac signs. “The zodiac signs have been crucial in my journey of self-discovery,” said Dr. Pearson. “I want to teach this course so that these young kids, struggling to find out who they are and who they want to be, can finally find peace with themselves.”

Many students have already expressed interest in the class. Junior Nicole Ortiz hopes to find out more about being an Aquarius: “I just need some solid truth in this crazy, crazy world and I think this course will be very rewarding for me.” Of course, some students are in it for the constellations. “I love the constellations in the sky, especially Cassiopeia,” said junior Jennifer Spalten. “I always stare at the stars through my window at night, admiring their beauty. Now I can finally know their secrets.”

Registration for AP Astrology will open on April 3 for the coming school year. Only two sections will be offered, so students should apply as early as possible. Since it is such a difficult course, talking with a dean before signing up is highly recommended.