Community Coaches Lend Needed Expertise

Coach Terrence Edwards provides comprehensive knowledge for the varsity football team.
Photo: Fred Assaf

Although Pace requires a faculty member to be the head coach for every varsity team, almost all varsity teams need additional expertise, such as girls soccer, football and both lacrosse teams. This expertise is provided by a community coach, someone from outside of Pace who is hired just to coach a team, and almost every student-athlete at Pace Academy knows the impact they can have. But some have questioned whether all community coaches’ impact has been positive.

Pace has a reputation of hiring coaches in order to bring the most elite knowledge and experience to each and every team. Whether it’s new track and field coach Terrence Trammell (former Team USA Olympic athlete) or Randy Staats (assistant boys lacrosse coach and former All-American Honorable Mention and standout at Syracuse University), the coaching staff at Pace is loaded. With hires like these, the community coach program at Pace can only be positive for the athletes and head coaches. These coaches bring sports prowess that would otherwise be hard to find with just everyday faculty members.

Community coaches bring experience, such as playing in front of 92,000 people at University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium (varsity football WR coach Terrence Edwards), that can be used to help student-athletes deal with nerves before big games and high-level competition. The in-depth knowledge these coaches possess, coupled with their experience, help out every day during practice, in the weight room and in important games.

One of the biggest criticisms of these community coaches is how tough they can be on the athletes. Frankly, if someone can’t deal with a little bit of extra running or some tough love, they shouldn’t be competing at the highest athletic level at Pace. At the beginning of every season, each Pace team has the same goal, winning a state championship in their respective sport, along with other goals designated by the coaches and captains. In order to achieve these goals, every team member has to sacrifice, and most community coaches know the level of sacrifice needed to be champions at the highest level. Therefore, if someone isn’t ready to endure these additional challenges, they shouldn’t be competing at the varsity level.

The community coaches at Pace only bring positive results for the athlete, because they deepen each athlete’s knowledge of the sport and prepare the team for the challenging road that each season brings. Without community coaches, Pace Athletics would lack the additional expertise that continues to pave the way for multiple region and state championships.