Junior Isaiah Kelley gazes at mentor Mr. Knott’s pieces. Photo: Margaret Bethel

Students and other art enthusiasts brim with excitement as they amble past their teachers’ art along the walls of the Fine Arts Center. Pieces crafted by photography teacher France Dorman, painting teacher Donice Bloodworth, ceramics teacher Mark Knott and FAC Technical Director Scott Sargent are on display. The works of middle school art teachers Katy Cowles and Anna Murphy, middle school photography teacher Laura Inman and lower school art teacher Susan Edwards are shown as well. The Pace art faculty are showcasing their work from Feb. 13 to March 3.

The halls of Pace Academy are teeming with blossoming artists and experimenters, seeking to express themselves through the medium of their choice. Fortunately, Pace is armed with a brigade of visual arts phenoms to lead the way. All of the art teachers at Pace are practicing artists, who perpetually improve their skills and convey messages they deem important.

“A teacher needs to be doing what they are teaching,” said Mr. Dorman. “That makes us interesting and more helpful to students.” Rather than simply telling the students how to perform, art teachers are exercising their craft alongside them. Mr. Dorman recently had five students’ photographs selected for Gold Key awards, the oldest and most prestigious art and writing competition in the nation.

Even though the Art Faculty Exhibit’s dates are on the Pace website, as well as the participants being listed on posters, the showcase could use more coverage. “We do wish there would be more publicity for the faculty,” said Mr. Knott. 

“Next year I think we are going to try a new approach,” said Mr. Knott. “We might try a combination of faculty work and faculty-student collaboration work.” Each faculty member would choose one of their top students, such as ceramics enthusiast and junior Isaiah Kelly, and produce a joint project. “Mr. Knott is the [greatest of all time], and I love that man,” said Isaiah. Hoping to attract more parents and other viewers, the art department plans making changes to the traditional annual show.

Regardless of the number of viewers, the show is a hit. An array of diverse art pieces with various media is on display to the public. “I think the Art Faculty Exhibit is amazing,” said Ms. Cowles. “We have so many different artists and art styles; it’s always very interesting. I love the relationships we develop as members of the art department, and it shines through in our art.”