Valentine’s Day Survival Guide, Singles Edition

Senior couple Keely Harris and Will Trimble study together in the Quiet Library. Photo: Eden Kerker

Flying solo this Valentine’s Day? No problem. No need to turn on those sappy Nicholas Sparks movies and indulge in the infamous heart-shaped boxes of chocolates this year. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day your own day to get off the couch and pause your show on Netflix.

Get all your single friends together and do something fun that you wouldn’t normally do. Go paint-balling, laser tagging, or even check out the nearby ice skating rink with your friends.

If you really feel like staying home this Valentine’s Day, you can still invite your friends over and make it a fun day. Have a “girls- or guys-night-in” and get all your friends to bring over some ingredients to bake your favorite treats. Get in your comfiest clothes and put on some of the best all-time comedy films including “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and get ready to laugh your head off.

Make this Valentine’s Day a family day and spend the day with your loved ones. Go on a hike by the Chattahoochee River and enjoy the fresh air or go shopping with your parents and buy the new jacket you’ve been dying to wear. Today is the perfect day to go to your favorite restaurant and order that chocolate mousse cake for dessert or even an excuse to indulge in a spa day with your family and just relax.

According to a study published in a journal called “Society and Animals,” it is scientifically proven that puppies enhance your self esteem and make people happier. Go visit a pet store and play with furry friends or grab your own dog and run around a park with him/her.  A 2011 study from the “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology” and research at University of Missouri- Columbia scientifically proved that pets brighten your mood, so if you are feeling down, Petland is another way to go.

It’s easy to feel jealous or frustrated on the most romantic day of the year, but only if you let it affect you. Enjoy the day and make it about treating yourself to whatever you want. If you’re single, then it’s a day just for you.