Swimmers Dive into State Playoffs Feb. 2-4

Seniors have been working to the best of their abilities to succeed in the state meet on the weekend. Photo: Fred Assaf

For the past two years Pace Academy has had stellar performances in swimming and diving, and the team continues to stay on track to extend their control another year. The team is motivated by the performances of former Pace students and state-champion swimmers and divers Grace Ferry ’16, Madison Graham ’16, Harrison Moncino ’15 and Owen Moncino ’16.

Swimming and diving meets are intense, and each role in every event has tremendous impact on the overall outcome. Last year, the boys finished 8th in the A-5A State meet while the girls had a fantastic performance with a 4th place finish. Senior Olivia Baker, freshman Erin Hood, senior Alex Kaye, sophomore Charlie Kaye and senior Connor LaMastra already have multiple state-qualifying performances. “The athletes are prepared to push themselves as far as possible,” said senior Mitchell Zwecker. “I expect us to begin to hone in some of our relays as we prepare for state in early February.”

With six senior captains, this year’s team is huge. Olivia, Alexis Benson, Alex, Connor, MacRae Oglesby and Mitchell all offer a wide range of experience. Each captain is working extremely hard and sharing their passion for the program to ultimately improve the team. Their role is to make sure that everyone is respectful and acting together as a team.

Connor LaMastra has an insanely difficult schedule since he also swims for Dynamo, a prestigious swimming club. “I do come to most of the meets, but managing a schedule with two different swim teams definitely isn’t very easy,” Connor said. “As a team captain I want to create a team atmosphere that makes swimming not just a sport, but something that everyone enjoys and wants to do every year.”

The last month of the season will be exciting. Athletes have been trying their hardest to bring in new times to qualify for state.  New school and pool records are nearing All-American consideration performances. With multiple state-qualifying performances, the end will surely be interesting. “I am really excited to have the opportunity to step on the deck at Georgia Tech on Feb. 2 with this team and see them make a statement against all the 1A-5A competitors,” said Head Coach Ague.