Students’ work is displayed in the FAC lobby. Photo: Abby Meyerowitz

Pace hallways are brought to life with outstanding artwork created by students and faculty members. Visitors on admission tours that come through the halls admire the beautiful paintings, sculptures, ceramics and photographs hanging on the walls or sitting in the display cases. But who’s responsible for displaying such marvelous work? Drawing and painting teacher Donice Bloodworth, ceramics teacher Mark Knott, and photography teacher France Dorman work hard to organize and display the art created by students in Pace’s Fine Arts Center, or FAC. They also contribute some of their own work to display.

“We’re tasked with keeping up with it and trying to keep things updated as much as we can,” said Mr. Bloodworth. One astonishing sculpture located in the FAC lobby is shaped as a motorcycle. It was created by FAC technical directer Scott Sargent and his stagecraft class. “They basically bought one of those little toy buildings and blew up all the pieces to make that,” said Mr. Bloodworth.

Only the most high quality art is selected by the visual arts teachers to be shown in the hallways of the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School. “We try to pick the very best work and we try to give everyone a chance,” said Mr. Knott.

“The purpose of the art around Pace is to give visibility to our program and give the kids a chance to exhibit their work in a public space,” said Mr. Knott. “There are kids in Advanced Studio Art and independent study that have shows here every year but many kids never receive that chance.” 

Thus, some of the art is portrayed throughout the Upper School to further enlighten students and teachers about the visual arts program. “Most of it is student work, so it’s good to see what we’re doing over here,” said Mr. Bloodworth. “A lot of people don’t often come down our hallway so having stuff out in the Upper School gives the students exposure so teachers and other people are able to see what they’re doing.”