Avi Arora Named Most Eligible Bachelorette

Sophomore Avi Arora poses with one of her men, sophomore Max Appel. Photo: Amy Butler

As Valentine’s Day approaches, thousands of desperate bachelors plan for another night of people-watching in hopes of finding the perfect girl. Over time, these men become more hopeless and are on the brink of giving up. However, they have not seen this girl before. She is none other than sophomore and tennis star Avi Arora. With her amazing skills with serving tennis balls, this year she is ready to serve up some love. Avi, after being in various relationships and breaking numerous hearts, is named 2017’s Most Eligible Bachelorette by The Knightly News.

Last year’s Valentine’s Day involved her watching Netflix by herself. “Pretty much anything can beat last year’s Valentine’s Day,” said Avi. Thinking ahead to her current plans for the most romantic day of the year, she shook her head sadly and said she would “probably be ordering a heart shaped pizza and eating it by myself.” But don’t fear, Avi is looking for someone to share her pizza with this year. Men who are tall, on the math team, and participate in JV soccer are exactly what Avi is looking for.

For those people who don’t know Avi well, she is Indian, she likes playing the game “Chutes and Ladders,” and her favorite pastime is sleeping. She admits that her celebrity crush is Robert De Niro. Consistent with the older men preference, she is susceptible to upperclassmen.

Fortunately, she does believe in love at first sight. “That’s how I met Max,” said Avi. “Sometimes, when I see a really attractive person I fall in love, but usually they don’t love me back.” For men trying to catch her eye, her ideal date is a drive-in movie. If these qualities seem highly appealing to you, then Avi Arora is your girl this Feb. 14.