Molly Brian

Five Minutes with Molly and Brian

Seniors Molly Levine and Brian Sloan had fun at their final PDC together on Jan. 8.                    Photo: Molly Levine

KN: Hello, Molly and Brian!

Brian Sloan: Hello, I’m Brian.

KN: How long have you been dating?

BS: Should we get the exact amount?

Molly Levine: Over two years. Two years and…

BS: Four months.

KN: What was your first official date?

BS: We went to OK Cafe.

KN: What is Molly’s favorite color?

BS: Blue?

ML: Mhm.

KN: What is Brian’s?

ML: Red.

KN: What is a phrase that Brian says a lot?

ML: Um

BS: Do a funny one.

ML: Now I can’t think of one.

BS: Can I say mine? Molly says “bruh” a lot.

ML: Brian says “eureka.”

BS: That’s not a good one.

KN: What is one thing Brian does that gets on your nerves?

ML: Um…

BS: Say it.

ML: Not showering and smelling really bad.

BS: That’s so foul!

KN: What is one thing Molly does that gets on your nerves?

BS: Hmm…

ML: (Whispering)

BS: She doesn’t get on my nerves.

KN: What is your favorite thing about the other person?

ML: His smile.

BS: Her radiant glow.

ML: We also have the same birthday.

KN: What did you do to celebrate your birthday?

ML: We went out to dinner.

BS: At a very fine sushi establishment.

KN: Who did you both like in middle school?

BS: I was not attracted to any sex.

ML: Harry Styles.

KN: Who is more competitive?

ML: Brian.

BS: Probably me.

KN: What is Brian’s favorite song?

BS: Remember? You know it, by Rihanna.

ML: Are you serious?

BS: “Disturbia” by Rihanna.

KN: What is Molly’s?

BS: Probably a song by One Direction.

KN: And finally, do you plan to stay together through college?

BS: Yes.

ML: Yes.