Sophomore Aleks Golde and Mr. Golde on their annual ski trip in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Photo: Aleks Golde
Sophomore Aleks Golde and her father Andrew Golde enjoy the snow on their annual ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Photo: Aleks Golde

Whether it be the beach, the snowy mountains or even a relaxing “stay-cation,” students at Pace Academy make the most of their winter breaks.

Tanning in Winter?

“I am going to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico with my cousins,” said sophomore Leah Mautner. “I am excited for warm weather and the beach.” Pace students enjoy sun-tanning and swimming during the sunny days down south in exotic locations. “I’m going to the beach with my family,” said sophomore Luisa Whitney. “I’m so looking forward to playing tag in the sand and building sandcastles while getting some good family bonding in.”

Let’s Hit the Slopes!

Among other activities in winter, skiing is very popular for Pace students. “Winter break is the perfect time to hit the slopes,” said junior Khaki Loughran. “My family and I love racing each other down the mountain and riding the ski lift together.” Although some may say that summer is their favorite season, winter is popular because of its cozy spirit. “When my family goes skiing, we love to sit around the fire, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate,” said sophomore Aleks Golde. “I’m looking forward to keeping the tradition alive this winter break in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!”

“Stay-cations” are the Move

While some enjoy traveling, others prefer to veg at home, enjoying a stress-free winter break. “Along with spending time with friends, I spend my stay-cations catching up on my favorite shows,” said sophomore Lucy Gash. Others have commitments they need to continue over the break including junior Harrison Lewis. “I usually spend my winter breaks shooting hoops or practicing layups,” said Harrison. “Basketball is too important to take a break.”