What’s in Your Backpack?

Sophomore Max Creasman remembers his time in Greece by looking at the rock from the Parthenon. Photo: Genna Schwarz

Sophomore Max Creasman remembers his time in Greece by looking at a rock from the Parthenon. Photo: Genna Schwarz

The backpack is not only a statement piece but a necessity used throughout the world by students. One might assume that a backpack holds only the appropriate books and supplies needed for class; however, many students throughout the Academy carry a wide variety of items that could not be found duplicated in any other backpack.

A Piece of the Parthenon

Sophomore Max Creasman visited Greece through the Pace ICGL program during the summer after his eighth grade year. He loved the Parthenon so much that he wanted to keep a piece of it forever. “I still hold the rock today in my backpack to remind me of the most amazing trip of my life,” said Max. “Every day I see it and remember like it was yesterday, and I never want to let that feeling go.”

Childhood Memories

Freshman Madison Edwards still keeps a little bit of her childhood alive by bringing Play-Doh to school every day. “Whenever I have nothing to do, Play-Doh is definitely my go-to,” said Madison. “I never get bored with it because the options are limitless. It also provides a stress release throughout the pressures of high school as a freshman.”

Life Saver

Sophomore Kayla Ross is dependent on her backpack not only for the books, but because it holds one of her most important and life-saving possessions, her EpiPen. “Anything could happen at any moment to me while eating,” said Kayla. “I put my EpiPen in my backpack every morning just in case I need it. As long as it is in my backpack, I will be safe.”

Comfort in Seconds

Freshman Andrew Miller seems to be the most prepared of all the Pace students. Rest is vital because of the effort and time students invest to improve their experience and learning at The Academy. Andrew has found a perfect, easily portable device to enhance his resting experience. “The inflatable pillow is the greatest invention ever. I bring it every day to school, and whenever I have the time, I pull it out and rest comfortably,” he said. “All my friends are jealous when they see it and I’m so much happier throughout the day.”

All Day Beauty

Sophomore Regan Bates, just like many students, wears makeup, but unlike the normal routines of most, her method is a little unorthodox. “I live really far away so I need to get ready quickly in the morning,” said Regan. “My makeup is always in my backpack so I can put it on in the car and have it all throughout the day. It’s just something I have done for two years and I cannot break the habit.”

Lifting Weights

The four flights of stairs in the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School are used by almost every student throughout the day, which is an intense workout for most. Imagine having to haul an extra fifty pounds walking up those same flights of stairs. That’s exactly what senior Brennan Murphy had to do for a whole week. “He lost Fantasy Football and his punishment was one of the best ones so far,” said senior Parker Payne. “I could’ve never carried that much weight up all those stairs. I’m so surprised he survived the day.”