Mobile Games: Fantastic Stress Relievers

Juniors playing on their phones for a quick study break.

Juniors play games on their phones for a quick study break. Photo: Graham Hurley

After the “Pokemon Go” craze died down fewer people have been playing mobile games. “Pokemon Go” is still being updated by Niantic and new content is constantly coming out. However, there are still mobile games that are great for a quick escape or a feeling of satisfaction from putting time into a game. Mobile games can help immensely when you need to alleviate stress.

Mobile games fall under two categories: long-term and short-term commitment. Two of the more popular long-term games are “Clash Royale” and “Clash of Clans.” “Clash Royale” combines strategy game with elements of card games. “‘Clash Royale’ is a fantastic game since you can play against your friends and former clans,” said freshman Austin Fuller. The popularity of “Clash Royale” and “Clash of Clans” allows the developers to constantly release new content to make sure that people still play their games. You start off small and months pass while you develop something huge. The appeal  lies in seeing how far you have progressed.

Short-term games are games like “Doodle Jump” and “Subway Surfers.” These games are great for when you want to waste a small amount of time. “‘Tetris’ and ‘Yahtzee’ are the two games that I play because they provide a quick escape,” said librarian Marty Hamburger. Other games within this category are the famous “Candy Crush Saga” and “Angry Birds.”  These games require you to be active with your fingers and your mind because their appeal lies in making quick decisions.

Smartphones boast the widest selection of puzzle games on any platform. The game 2048 came out almost three years ago and it experienced immense success since it is a game that you can just pull out for five minutes between classes or during break. Puzzle games provide satisfaction from beating levels and it stimulates your brain with success showering your thoughts.

Recently at Pace, “Trivia Crack” has returned to the fray with lots of students playing it. “‘Trivia Crack’ is my favorite iPhone game right now because it is fun to test your knowledge as a whole and against your friends,” said junior Marc Mitchell. “Trivia Crack” tests your basic knowledge on geography, art, science, history, entertainment and sports. The game is turn-based so you and your opponent do not have to play at the same time.

One of the appeals of mobile games is their stress-relieving capabilities. When you have an essay due and a test in a few days, a quick five minutes of playing a few rounds of “Jetpack Joyride” provides a great escape. The selection of mobile games on phones is massive right now. Explore the app store and you will surely find a game that captivates you.