Fun Things to Do in Fall

Juniors Grace Dwyer and Nicole Ortiz enjoy Starbucks drinks and each others' company.

Juniors Grace Dwyer and Nicole Ortiz enjoy drinks from Starbucks and each other’s company. Photo: Anna Stone

Whether fall’s your favorite season or not, it’s here so you might as well enjoy it. Here is a list of fun activities to take advantage of and to embrace the autumn spirit:

  1. Apple Picking. Georgia is home to 16 beautiful orchards that are just a Google search away. Anyone who wants to spend a nice day walking through the trees and appreciating nature can take a leisurely car ride to H&H Orchards, for one. “Apple picking is a good way to take a day off, destress, and enjoy nature,” said junior Jennifer Spalten. “Plus, you get apples.” As a side benefit, you can even spend the rest of the day making a delicious apple pie.
  2. Go to Starbucks. It’s that time of year again and everything pumpkin spice is back. Starbucks has a variety of drinks that are perfect to enjoy in the crisp fall air. Starbucks offers the Pumpkin Spice Latte, Chile Mocha, and other drinks along with new foods to celebrate the season.
  3. Jump into a pile of leaves. When asked about his favorite thing to do in fall, English teacher Dr. DuPree said, “ Run and jump and dive into great piles of leaves with my son.” It’s simple, but it is a beloved tradition for a reason. All you need is a rake and some leaves, and the rest of the day can be spent cavorting and frolicking with a tinge of childhood nostalgia.
  4. Buy UGGs. How can anyone go to Starbucks and drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes without the accompaniment of UGGs or UGG look-alikes? These soft shoes are acceptable to wear with any outfit and will keep feet nice and toasty when it’s chilly outside. So, what better way is there to kick off the fall season than by buying a brand new pair of cozy fleece-lined boots?
  5. Make a fire. The cavemen enjoyed it and so should people in the 21st century. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, or reading by a cozy fireplace, fire is a great addition to any chilly fall day.
  6. Corn Mazes. There are a number of corn mazes around the Atlanta area and Pace community members can get lost in any of them. “It was a great experience because it brought me back to my childhood,” said junior Jordan Shoulberg. From haunted to nearly impossible, corn mazes are guaranteed to provide all participants with a little scare and a lot of fun.
  7. Hayrides. Hayrides are the perfect sidekick to corn mazes. Just sit back, relax and watch the countryside fly by.
  8. Make a Thanksgiving feast. It’s almost time to bring out the turkey and break out the cranberry sauce, so why not go all out? With some extra time, you can make a feast 10 miles wide. Well, maybe not that large, but an amazing feast just might make it the best Thanksgiving ever.
  9. Service. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to give back to the community. Pace offers many service opportunities and there are plenty more available outside of Pace. Whether it’s going to the Atlanta Community Food Bank or simply letting loved ones know they are appreciated, fall is a great time to do it.
  10. Scroll through Pinterest for more fall ideas. There can never be enough things to do in fall and ambitious individuals may want to do more things than those listed here. Pinterest has a plethora of creative and tasteful ideas – although they might not look as good as when made by others – that anyone can do. If you really want to take advantage of fall, explore Pinterest for inspiration.