Sophomore, Avi Arora, admires the photography on the FAC walls.
Sophomore Avi Arora admires the photography on the FAC walls. Photo: Abby Meyerowitz

With the guidance of photography teacher France Dorman, students of all grades put in countless hours perfecting their photos to submit to the Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) exhibition. “Atlanta Celebrates Photography is the annual October celebration of photography,” said Mr. Dorman. “It’s the largest festival of its kind in the nation.”

According to sophomore photography student Avi Arora, Atlanta Celebrates Photography is when “a bunch of artists come together and show off their work all over Atlanta.” The students take pride in their work that they submit to ACP and highly value the exhibit. “ACP is important to me because it offers me the opportunity to expand and see professional photographers work, as well as improve my own work through events such as ‘My Atlanta,’” said junior Canon Lynch. My Atlanta is one of several exhibits celebrating photography to which the students submit their own work.

Mr. Dorman became interested in photography later in his life, saying that he wishes he had been given the chance to practice photography in high school. “I loved it immediately,” he said. “Some people take it for granted. I know I would’ve loved it sooner because I responded immediately. This is why we have a small college art department here.” Senior Sophie Zelony is grateful that she had the opportunity to begin photography at Pace. “I took photography in ninth grade and I’ve loved it ever since,” she said.

In addition to learning about the perfect lighting and  composition necessary for a quality photograph, Mr. Dorman’s students learn how to use Photoshop. “I have learned about Photoshop workflow, unique printing techniques and dark-room techniques though Pace photography,” said Canon.

“Photography is a fine art and it’s bad to take pictures of people smiling and your friends,” said Avi. “You want to have something that’s interesting and makes people think.” The Pace photography students, along with Mr. Dorman, have a deep passion for what they do and view all of the aspects of photographs, not just what is on the outside. “I’ve always been interested in added significance and meaning, rather than just what appears on the surface of the photograph,” said Mr. Dorman. “I really liked the idea that you can capture a moment in picture that you can keep forever,” said Canon.

Pace students submit their best work to ACP, pursuing their dreams as photographers. “I want to continue doing photography in the future,” said Avi. “I hope I can maybe even be a professional one day.”