New Nurses Staff Pace Clinic

Walking to the clinic is not the same anymore as students no longer see the familiar face of legendary nurse Mary Ann Powell. After 10 years as the head nurse at Pace Academy, Nurse Powell has permanently moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. “My parents are elderly so I need to be closer to them,” said Ms. Powell. While helping her parents, ages 93 and 89, she is no longer able to work as a nurse because she does not have time right now. Before working at Pace, Ms. Powell worked as an oncology nurse for over 20 years. Two new nurses, Megan Turner and Cara Hutchison, now share Ms. Powell’s former position by each working two to three days a week.

Before moving to Atlanta in 1998, Ms. Hutchison worked in a Cardiac/Telemetry unit for two years at a hospital in Mobile, Alabama. Once settled in Atlanta, she worked in PACU at Piedmont Hospital for nine years. PACU, or the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, is where patients are temporarily admitted after surgical procedures. She took a few years off from nursing when she had her two children. Along with working as a Pace nurse part time, she also works at Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic in their Surgical PACU. She has been working there for the past nine years and continues to do so. “I love working at Pace,” said Ms. Hutchison. “I’m beginning to get to know the students.”

Prior to working as a nurse at Pace, Mrs. Turner worked as an oncology nurse like Ms. Powell. As an oncology nurse, she provided care for cancer patients and those at risk of cancer. Mrs. Turner has been working as a nurse for 20 years and has been working at Pace part time since 2013. “I started working at Pace as a sub and then transitioned to one day a week for the past few years,” said Mrs. Turner. “I love working with the Pace kids.”

"The nurses are very helpful and caring"

Nurse Turner provides care to freshman Meryll Asher. “The nurses are very helpful and caring,” said Meryll. Photo: Eden Kerker