GSA Expands Exponentially

GSA members discuss LGBTQ issues that affect everyday life. Photo: Anna Stone

GSA members discuss LGBTQ issues that affect everyday life. Photo: Anna Stone

Some members of the Pace community have heard of GSA but don’t really know what it is or when it started. Pace Class of 2016 alumni Lizzie DuPree, Mitch Inman and Lexi Rubin formed the Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA, last year. They had a mission to make Pace a more open and accepting community. Last year, GSA was a small and intimate group, but it has grown tremendously this year. Under the leadership of senior Ellie Duncan, junior Eric Schank and sophomore Issac Eichenlaub, GSA has 103 members and continues to grow. This is likely due to increased publicity and the large influx of freshmen members.

GSA leadership aims to hold more meetings, gain publicity and involve more teachers and faculty in order to reach the goal of making Pace an accepting community for everyone. They want teachers to participate so that students will have trusted adults that they feel comfortable talking to. GSA includes people of all gender identities and sexual orientation and the meetings are open to all students.

“GSA is a great place to talk about the issues that Pace faces,” said junior Chris McCaffrey. At the meetings, students and faculty enjoy food, meet new people, play games and plan for events like participation in the Atlanta Pride Parade held on Oct. 9. “I think that GSA is a really great environment for LGBTQ+ students at Pace,” said Isaac. “I hope that it brings more conversations to the Pace community.”