Grindhouse Killer Burgers a Must-Try for Burger Lovers

The Hillbilly Style burger came with chili, pimento cheese, but far too many jalapeños. Photo: Will Movsovitz

The Hillbilly Style burger came with chili and pimento cheese, but far too many jalapeños. Photo: Will Movsovitz

My quest to find Atlanta’s best burger has taken me all the way from College Park to Sandy Springs, so when I heard that Grindhouse was dishing out “Killer Burgers” in Midtown, I knew that I had to give it a try. I found myself inside of Grindhouse on the Sunday after Music Midtown. My shoes were muddy, but my stomach was empty as I stood looking over the menu.

After browsing their extensive selection of burgers, fries and shakes, I eventually settled on the Hillbilly Style burger. That particular sandwich comes with pimento cheese, jalapeños and brisket chili. I also had the choice of a veggie, chicken or beef patty. I opted for the beef patty as well as a side of onion rings. After completing and paying for my order, I took a number and seated myself outside. Their outside seating area is a large, covered patio with plenty of table seating. The patio itself looks out over Piedmont Avenue, so you get your burger and a view. My food came out quickly and was piping hot upon arrival.

I first tried the burger and was immediately hit with the flavor of their brisket chili. It tasted strongly of traditional chili seasonings such as chili powder and cumin, but the choice to use brisket really set this version apart. Instead of feeling grainy and crumbly like ground beef, the use of brisket gave the chili consistency similar to a pot roast. Next my teeth sunk into the burger patty itself which was thick and cooked medium to my liking. The patty was not dried out and provided a nice textural contrast to the smoother chili.

Underneath the patty, however, I was met with a large stack of fresh, green jalapeños. Now I consider myself to be a fan of all things spicy, but this pile of peppers was too much for me to handle. I removed about four or five quarter-inch thick slices before I could once again tolerate the spice level. The only flavor that I found myself searching for was the pimento cheese. There just was not enough of it to stand up to the other powerful flavors on the burger.

Grindhouse’s onion rings are nothing special, but they did satiate my lingering craving. These particular rings are cornmeal dusted as opposed to a traditional batter, and this slight modification made them crispier, albeit more fragile, than their battered counterparts.

Overall, Grindhouse was a little bit rough around the edges, but they do put out high quality food at an extremely reasonable price. The sheer quantity of delicious-sounding menu items makes Grindhouse a must-try for any burger lovers who find themselves carousing through Midtown. That being said, if you cannot handle extreme heat, I would caution you to either ask for light or no jalapeños on your order. That way, you can truly appreciate the flavors.