The Pace volleyball family is bonded together and ready to win.
The Pace volleyball family has bonded and is ready to win. Photo: Marc Mitchell

Dominique Turner, intrepid freshman libero, high fives her teammate and takes the court with a fearsome battle cry. The bench roars to life with cheers of anticipation, and the match is ready to begin. Armed with six tenacious seniors, the varsity volleyball team has already made Pace volleyball history by slaying the Holy Innocents’, Wesleyan and Westminster varsity teams. Currently, the team has achieved a winning record of 12-5.

Head Coach Anna Bush is very satisfied with the team’s three new freshmen. “I think they have a very bright future,” she said. “All three are already getting ample playing time.” The newest team members are freshmen Lucy Ferry, Dominique, and Ada Jane (AJ) Agolli. “The team was so welcoming to me,” said AJ. “It’s very intense, but I can definitely see us going to State.” 

Along with the strength and skill of the players, the team has grown in height. Lucy is 6’3” and provides deadly hitting on the right side. At 6’1.5” AJ has an amazing swing as an outside hitter. Senior Summer Brown at 6’4” is one of the towering hitters in the front row as well. Opponents cower as she spikes the ball. Committed to Duke, Summer already has over 20 kills as a hitter this season. To maximize blocking effectiveness, tallest players are placed against the net. The Pace front row dominates their opponents like a wall.

As a junior, Nia Brown follows in her sister Summer’s footsteps as a solid contributor to the team. Nia is a steadfast passer in the back row. “It’s going to be rough while we are still getting our defense together, but we are going to develop and get a lot better by the end of the season,” she said. 

Varsity veteran Davis Mathis returns to the court as a sophomore, with an even better serve than last year. Davis is known for her terrifying serve, and has racked up more than seven aces so far. “One might use the word family when describing our team,” said Davis. “We are close on and off the court. I think that will take us far this season.”