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Wackiest Moments of the Year

Mrs. Culp walks down the hall to find Jack Rubenstein exiting the female bathroom Credit: Brian Sloan

Mrs. Culp walks down the hall to find Jack Rubenstein exiting the female bathroom. Photo: Brian Sloan

This school year has been wacky, that’s for sure. Students all across the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School have had their fair share of laughs, tears and smiles over these wacky occurrences. “The thing about wacky moments is that they are happening throughout the school day,” said freshman Luisa Whitney. “All my friends know I am the queen of all things wacky. I’m so clumsy!” Like Luisa, many students have been involved in their own form of the absurd. After hearing these stories, you too will say: “Wow, Pace sure is wacky!”

One afternoon after school, junior Sammy Lettes was sitting outside of the Commons relaxing after a long day of work, when, out of nowhere, a pack of crows swooped down and grabbed his Sour Punch Straws. Sammy never got his beloved snack back, and the crows were never seen again.

Students have cited many occasions where Ms. Smith breaks down in class while talking about Holstein cows or becoming elated when viewing her patented cat calendar. Junior Ben Siegel, a student in Mr. Matanes’ Spanish class, talks fondly of his teacher’s wacky antics during class. “Mr. Matanes always makes up songs to help us learn material, but sometimes they get pretty intense,” said Ben. “Sometimes he even pretends that he is a baby to the entire class.”

Some wacky moments occur unintentionally, such as the case with sophomore Ben Bernstein. “Rumor has it that one day Bernstein left class to take a routine visit to the bathroom,” said junior Molly Levine. “Bernstein walked into the bathroom and he heard collective screams; he then realized that he had spent five minutes in the women’s lavatory.”

Teachers are protesting the amount of wackiness in the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School, claiming that it is an activity solely for students. “I don’t do anything wacky, ever,” said faculty member and junior class dean Mr. Hattori. Many teachers share the same sentiment, as they assert that school is a place solely for business and the administration should not tolerate any wackiness whatsoever. Presently, however, wacky moments will continue to rule everyday life at the Academy.