Students Land Summer Internships

Senior Rachel Nemeth works on her resume for her summer internship. Photo Credit: Chris Howard

Senior Rachel Nemeth works on her resume for her summer internship. Photo: Chris Howard

This summer, Pace students are exploring their interests and developing career skills through paid and unpaid internships. Students have endured long application processes, stressful interviews and looming deadlines to land these prestigious positions. Among these students are sophomore Harrison Lewis, junior Jibril Sadiq and senior Rachel Nemeth.

Sophomore Harrison Lewis plans to explore his interest in the technology industry this summer through an internship at the Atlanta Tech Village. Harrison seized the initiative and attended a job fair with over 50 companies last fall. At the fair, Harrison prospected many companies and narrowed down the field to three or four that intrigued him. After talking to each respective job rep, he began the long application process and landed a paid internship for most of the summer.

In his summer position, Harrison will be expected to find companies that are potential buyers for his company’s product. “I am excited to see the tech industry from an insider’s point of view,” he said. “Gaining experience from such a promising and high energy company is an amazing bonus.”

Junior Jibril Sadiq plans to stay close to home this summer and work in the Pace communications department. After learning about the internship from Pace communications director Mrs. Jones, Jibril immediately jumped at the opportunity and sent some writing examples to Mrs. Jones for the application process. Jibril quickly secured the paid internship which lasts from June to August this year.

During the summer, Jibril will write articles, conduct interviews, possibly draw cover art for Pace magazines, and perform any other basic tasks that are needed. “I am so happy that I reached out to Mrs. Jones for this unique opportunity,” said Jibril. “Being able to possibly utilize my art skills for a job is amazing.”

Senior Rachel Nemeth is returning to the healthcare industry this summer after her former summer internship with the VolunTeen organization at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. Rachel applied this winter and was selected out of hundreds of applicants to participate in the program for the second year in a row.

This year, Rachel expects to build upon her knowledge acquired from her former position at the Day Surgery Wing where she learned firsthand the importance of patient care and maintaining strong relationships with coworkers and patients. Rachel hopes to be assigned to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), where newborn babies receive intensive medical treatments for a myriad of complications. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about my intended career path this summer,” said Rachel. “I plan to expand upon my healthcare knowledge next year in the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania.”