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Fortiers at Pace: A Family Affair

Wes, Kaitlyn and Matt (left to right) are just three of five Fortier family members working at Pace.

Wes, Kaitlyn and Matt (left to right) are just three of five Fortier family members working at Pace.

In March, the Pace Academy community welcomed their newest staff member, Ms. Kaitlyn Fortier, as executive assistant to Head of School Fred Assaf. Although she is new to the staff, she is extremely familiar with the Academy. Her father, Dave Fortier, and both her brothers, Matthew Fortier and Wesley Fortier, are key members of the facilities team at Pace. Her sister-in-law Brittany Fortier, married to Matt, also works at Pace as Director of APPE (an after school program) in the Lower School.

With the addition of Kaitlyn, there are now five Fortiers working at Pace. “When Kaitlyn got hired I was extremely excited for her to be able to experience the Pace community,” said brother Matt Fortier. “She’s the smartest, sweetest and most fun-loving of all of us. I really hope that everyone at Pace gets the chance to know her, and really feel that Pace is lucky to have her.”

The Fortiers are involved in a lot of activities around the Pace community. Matt and Wes are the co-head coaches of the JV boys basketball team, and really enjoy getting to know and play with the kids. “The JV team is a lot of fun,” said junior Alex Ross. “Matt and Wes bring great spirit and enthusiasm to the team and play with us every chance they get.” Along with coaching basketball, Mat and Wes also coach the JV boys lacrosse team, and assist with the varsity teams for both sports.

Matt and Wes are well known throughout the student body. They both are active participants in the Pace Academy Pickup Basketball Association (PAPUBA) every Friday morning at 6:27, and are known as the heads of this association along with Jonathan Day, science department chair. “PAPUBA is a great way to start your Friday morning,” said Matt. “I really enjoy when students that do not play basketball as their main sport come to play, because it’s fun to get to know them and teach them some things about basketball.”

Their father, Dave Fortier, is the Director of Facilities at Pace. He, along with Matt and Wes, work to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the school, whether it is fixing the automatic doors of the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School or readying Walsh Field for a football game. While it may be uncomfortable to have your father as your boss, Matt and Wes really love the experience. “Wes and I have been working for our father pretty much since I was in the fifth grade and Wes was in fourth grade,” said Matt. “We worked every summer while we were at Miller School up in central Virginia.”

Matt spends most of his day at the Riverview Road Complex making sure all the fields are set up for various sporting events. Wes can be found all over the Pace campus. “I enjoy working around the Pace campus because it gives me the chance to see the students that I coach in school-mode,” said Wes. “Sometimes I unlock the basketballs and shoot with them during their free periods.”

It is safe to say that all the Fortiers play an essential role in everyday life at Pace. “We are very fortunate to be able to work together at a place like Pace,” said Matt. “It’s always enjoyable to work at a place that has an outstanding community and a fun work environment.”