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Five Minutes with Joe and Dori

Co-editors-in-chief Joe Loughran and Dori Greenberg provided leadership to the award-winning Knightly News staff this year. Photo: Dori Greenberg

Co-editors-in-chief Joe Loughran and Dori Greenberg provided leadership to the award-winning Knightly News staff this year. Photo: Dori Greenberg











Knightly News: Hey guys! How’s it going?

Joe Loughran: Good, thanks!

Dori Greenberg: Same here, everything’s great.

KN: How does it feel to be leaving Pace?

JL: It’s bittersweet. I have been here 13 years. I’m a lifer, but I think it’ll be exciting to move on to the next challenge.

DG: It’s been a great four years here, but I’m excited for what college has in store for me.

KN: What is your favorite Pace memory?

JL: Dang… that’s tough. What about you Dori?

DG: Spring break this year…

JL: Oh, God.

DG: It was a great four days and I feel like we bonded as a grade.

JL: People definitely bonded. Um, playing water polo was a really great time, and I always liked the eighth grade Civil Rights trip.

KN: What’s your most embarrassing moment at Pace?

JL: So many to choose from…

DG: There have been a lot of rumors that have spread about me. Most of them (looks at Joe) are not true.

JL: (Whispers to Dori) Whipped cream and strawberry sauce…

KN: Why did you initially join newspaper?

JL: I’ve always been interested in sports, and I’ve been doing KnightFlix and stuff for years. I just thought writing was the best way to get better at broadcasting. It felt right and made sense.

DG: My brother was a member of the staff. I kind of did it because he told me it was a nice way to spend time. I wanted to improve my writing skills, and I think that this was a good way to do it.

KN: Do you get on each other’s nerves?

DG: Oh, all the time.

JL: Yeah, definitely. But in a very healthy way, you know? We work well together. Dori’s the enforcer in the group and makes sure people get stuff in on time, and I’m more behind the scenes.

DG: He does the technical stuff, he’s good at that.

KN: What is the biggest disagreement you all have had?

DG: I really wanted him to go to Notre Dame so he would be close to me, but he’s going to UNC instead.

JL: That’s the reason why I’m going to UNC. (Laughs all around. Joe’s face stays serious.)

KN: If you could give each other a superlative, what would it be?

JL: Angriest.

DG: Pompous jerk.

JL: Most likely to be exactly like her mother when she’s older.

DG: (Laughs) Most likely to stay a “mama’s boy” until the day he dies.

KN: What is your favorite quality in the other person?

JL: Work ethic. Dori works really hard at getting stuff done. She’s a really driven person and will put a lot of time into making sure everything looks good.

DG: Joe is very patient with me. He’s also funny and good at lightening the mood.

KN: What is your least favorite quality of the other person?

JL: Dori can get a bit angry sometimes, and it can be scary.

DG: He remembers everything and has NO problem holding things against me.

KN: Who are you going to miss most on the KN staff?

JL: Brian Sloan. He’s great at reporting the truth and nothing but the truth. I’ll miss his shining presence in class every day.

DG: I’m gonna say Amy Butler. She’s like a five-foot nothing ball of sass.

KN: What are you going to miss most about Pace?

DG: I’m gonna miss the community. It’s nice going to a school where you know everyone and have good relationships with your teachers. I’m gonna have to work at college, whereas here it’s given to me.

JL: Yeah, I have to agree with that. We’re both going to big public schools for college. I’m gonna miss the community here and the ability to know everyone.

KN: Are you thinking about pursuing newspaper or broadcasting in college?

JL: Definitely considering at least taking classes or doing it as an extracurricular.

DG: I’m definitely interested in pursuing it in college and beyond.

JL: Or at least that’s what it said on your college application.

KN: Do you have any advice for the new editors-in-chief?

JL: Patience is a big key in working with other editors and staff writers, especially around deadlines. You also have to be strict about making sure people have stuff done in time.

DG: It’s a lot more time consuming than you would think. You’re going to have to give up a lot of Saturdays and stay after school a lot of days. Just know that that’s what it entails.

JL: It’s not that time consuming.