Pace Students Need More Activities

It's common for students to skip class and sleep i the hallways, especially freshmen Abby Meyerowitz and Cameron Hamilton. Photo: Amy Butler

It’s common for students to skip class and sleep in the hallways, especially freshmen Abby Meyerowitz and Cameron Hamilton. Photo: Amy Butler

Here at Pace, some kids participate in three varsity sports, the arts, and push themselves academically through multiple AP classes; many students assume that this is enough, but it simply isn’t. These activities are not sufficient for college resumes. Even if Pace kids excel in all areas, the colleges they have been getting into are unimpressive and reflect badly on the Pace community as a whole.

All Pace kids could definitely squeeze in another extracurricular or two. Nowadays, students are frequently seen lounging around and not doing anything. “If I had to pick one word to describe Pace kids, it would be lazy,” said Mr. Gannon. Pace should require for students to participate in at least two out-of-school activities, even if that means students would get home late and barely have time for homework. “I don’t even care what time kids go to bed, or if they even get any sleep at all,” said Mr. Whyte. “I just care that they finish their homework.”

Service is also an important facet to being a well-rounded citizen. Pace requires that students have 40 service hours in order to graduate; however, this is a relatively small number compared to the hours that students spend playing sports or doing homework. This number should be increased to 100 service hours, which will help students participate more in the community, or even around the world. This new requirement would help students decrease the large amount of free time that they have. “When I get home I kind of just sit around, stroke my pet cat, and feed him milk,” said sophomore Kate Snyder.

Also there is not enough homework given at Pace. Students should have more than two hours of homework in each class per night. Although this adds up to at least ten hours total for all five classes, homework is beneficiary and will help students perform better on tests and quizzes. To decrease the amount of homework a student has per night, students should be required to go to the library during their free periods. The Seaman Family Student Commons and the Inman Center should be closed throughout the school day and only be re-opened for lunch.

Although three seasons of varsity sports might sound impressive at first, that still leaves the summer wide open.  Most kids spend their summers relaxing by the pool, but that needs to change. Summer should be a time for students to expand their resume. Students should be required to take an elective over the summer. Electives could include an extra math class to get moved up for the following year or an AP history class to earn more AP credits. No matter which subject it is, some educational learning should definitely be done during the summer.