Pace Academy Needs Donald Trump

Beautiful hair. A wonderful voice. An innate ability to bring people together through his soft-spoken words. I did not say a name but you know who I am talking about. Donald Trump, Republican nominee front runner, is known for his peaceful rallies and open mindedness amidst a chaotic political scene. His kindness, respect, and stunning hair color are all things that the world is severely lacking at this point in time, including Pace Academy. After the booming success of the ADL assembly, the understanding and empathy bug is still infectious at the Academy and there is no better person to maximize its potential than Donald Trump.

As Pace Academy prepares for Donald Trump’s arrival on April 6, faculty and students alike are abuzz as they anticipate his speech. Pace Director of Diversity and ADL assembly organizer Rick Holifield is particularly excited for the upcoming assembly. “Donald Trump is the epitome of understanding and acceptance, two values that the ADL assembly emphasized, and his speech will help further those traits in our tight-knit community,” said Mr. Holifield.

Even the most unlikely of faculty members cannot contain her enthusiasm for the appearance of Mr. Trump. “Ever since I heard the news, I’ve just been bouncing off the walls with excitement,” said history teacher Ms. Smith, “I can’t wait to hear his plans for foreign policy and immigration, and his experience as businessman will be invaluable to our future entrepreneurs here at the Academy. Let’s make America great again; let’s make Pace Academy great!”

Students have shared their anticipation with the faculty but for different reasons. “I already know I am voting for Donald Trump but this assembly gives me a chance to stand in his presence and, more importantly, get a wonderful selfie with our future president,” said senior Reid Funston. But, for our less excitable classmates, there are other reasons to get excited. “Yeah, Donald Trump speaking is kinda cool but I am more excited for all of the camera crews and having a chance to get on television,” said senior Carlee Pokalsky. Regardless of motives, the entire Pace Academy community should be excited for the assembly as we really have a chance to make Pace Academy great.