Library To Get Cocoon Chairs

Upper School Librarian Mat Ball lounges in a cocoon chair. Photo: Alyse Greenbaum

Woodruff Library Director Matt Ball lounges in a cocoon chair. Photo: Alyse Greenbaum

Many Pace Academy students need breaks from their hectic and tiring schedules, and what better way to take a study break than in a cocoon chair? “Cocoon chairs are the ultimate asset for relaxation,” said Woodruff Library Director Matt Ball. Mr. Ball expects that cocoon chairs, a planned addition to the upper school library, will be a perfect nook for students to rest and relax during their free time.

For those who are unfamiliar, cocoon chairs are chairs shaped like wide cocoons that are suspended from the top by a rope or wire. Some brands have retractable shutters that can close the opening in order to create a cozy hideaway. “Their ability to make a comfortable, easy space, where you can both rest and relax is pretty sweet,” said junior Samantha Moreland. “I’m so excited to get some in the library.”

With regards to organizing the order of students utilizing the chairs and how long they are allowed to use them, Mr. Ball and librarian Ms. Teague have created a set of rules. “The biggest problem to overcome is how to organize the “sleeping” shifts between students in the most fair way possible,” said Mr. Ball. The list is as follows:

  1. Only one person to fit in a cocoon chair at a time.
  2. Limit of 15-minute shifts for each student or teacher.
  3. Order of students or teachers who get cocoon chair time will be determined by a sign-up list. The list is located at the third floor library circulation desk.
  4. If a student or teacher does not show up promptly at the scheduled time, they will be crossed off the list, and the next person on the list takes the sleeping shift.
  5. Students take priority over teachers in the cocoon chairs.      

“These rules are subject to change according to what works best for students,” said Mr. Ball. “Their comfort is our number one priority.” The cocoon chairs will be located on the silent level of the Woodruff Library, allowing students a peaceful and quiet experience.

The cocoon chairs can hold any size or height. “I am so glad Mr. Ball ordered the largest size of cocoon chairs available,” said junior Wendell Carter Jr. Other pending additions to the library  include Eno Hammocks, sleeping bags and jumbo bean bags. Be sure to thank the librarians for providing these amazing resources to the Upper School. They should be installed by April 15.