Sebastian Bradley

Sebastian Bradley: Pace Academy’s King of Banter

Sophomore Sebastian Bradley shoot a free-throw in the later stages of the game against rival Holy Innocents'. Photo: Fred Assaf

Sophomore Sebastian Bradley shoots a free-throw in the latter stages of the win against rival Holy Innocents’. Photo: Fred Assaf

Certain names are more well-known around the Pace community, and the name Sebastian “Seabass” Bradley, a sophomore basketball player at Pace Academy, might be the most recognizable. Sebastian has the acknowledgement of people from schools all around the Buckhead area because of his well-thought-out roasts on his Instagram account. Big_bass_boi, his Instagram handle, is also popular for the rambunctious celebrations of junior Wendell Carter Jr.’s dunks.

KN: Who is your Pace Academy look-alike?

BBB: Zack Kaminsky. We are brothers.

KN: Who has a similar personality to you in the Arthur M. Blank Upper School?

BBB: Um, Bailey O’Sullivan.

KN: Why do you feel the need to talk trash on Instagram before a big game?

BBB: It makes the fans want to come to the games. It puts more on the line.

KN: How does it feel to wear (senior) Zack Kaminsky’s old number?

BBB: Um. It’s an honor. And 35 is the same number as Kevin Durant, so that’s pretty neat.

KN: How long have you been playing basketball?

BBB: Um, about four years. But I’ve played basketball seriously since last year.

KN: Do you ever feel overshadowed by Wendell?

BBB: Um, uh no, not really. I see him as an equal. Kabeya says that I could be better than him if I put in the work.

KN: How did it make you feel when the Instagram account “Ballislife” called you Wendell Carter’s backup?

BBB: Disappointed that they didn’t do their research.

KN: Do you think the basketball team has what it takes to win state?

BBB: Yes.

KN: Describe your role as “hype man” on the basketball bench.

BBB: It’s pretty neat. On and off the court, you just gotta get it going. You just gotta do stuff that makes people laugh and get rowdy.

KN: What is your nickname around Pace Academy?

BBB: Just “Bass.”

KN: How were you able to win the hot wing eating contest?

BBB: I have a very large mouth, and I can fit a lot in it.

KN: What do you bring to the basketball team on and off the court?

BBB: Fans. Banter. On the court, I get the crowd excited.

KN: How did if feel to score against arch rival Holy Innocents’?

BBB: It felt pretty irrelevant.

KN: If you could be one superhero, who would it be?

BBB: Um, Michael Jordan. No! Kristaps Porzingis.

KN: Confirm or deny, you and Frank Houser are dating.

BBB: Confirm.

KN: Do you consider your Instagram account your biggest accomplishment in life as of right now?

BBB: No. My YouTube channel is my biggest accomplishment, no doubt.

KN: If you were on a deserted island and you could only bring three things, what would they be?

BBB: Uh, Hollis Elizabeth, a bridge that goes from the deserted island back to Atlanta, and a car that can fit on said bridge and has unlimited fuel.

KN: Describe your dream girl.

BBB: My dream girl, um, she needs to have an endless supply of banter.

KN: Who do you like better, Lo or Silly Sarah?

BBB: Uhhhhh, Silly Sarah.

KN: Who is your favorite coach on the basketball team?

BBB: That’s super easy. Kabeya.

KN: Is your relationship with Kabeya Kabongo a love-hate relationship?

BBB: Love-hate in the sense that I love him and he hates me. (chuckles)

KN: If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

BBB: Um, barbecue chicken pizza or mint chocolate chip ice cream.

KN: Are you bringing your roasts to the lacrosse team this year?

BBB: Well, I’m not playing this year, but yes, I am bringing my roasts to the team.