Inside the War Room

The clock signals the start of D period, and the majority of the student body releases a collective groan as they continue their arduous march towards the next class. However, in the bowels of the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School, the newspaper staff is already at work. A group of word-crazy maniacs, this coalition of authors and reporters work tirelessly to provide the student body with the raw information which has been kept in the dark for centuries. “Many of the secrets of Pace Academy live unbeknownst to the public,” said junior, online editor and Atlanta Hardwood heir apparent Christopher Howard. “What we do is bring these stories to life; information is the only thing that can liberate a human mind.”

Staff writers and editors all convene to write their articles Credit: Brian Sloan

Staff writers and editors spend class time writing their articles.
Photo: Brian Sloan

A typical day in the “War Room,” as the locals call it, begins with the gathering of all the greatest literary minds of Pace Academy. Called “brainstorming,” all of the staff writers and editors present issues and events around Pace and the community to write about. After more deliberation, the stories are set and assigned.

After writers are assigned their articles, they undergo an extensive and serious writing process. First, people look for potential interviewees and different angles on the story. “I love being interviewed; the writers are always so nice to me,” said junior Jake Movsovitz. “It really makes me feel important.”

After interviews, the actual writing begins. The writers often sit with nothing but a computer, a notepad, and their thoughts. It can get very lonely and frustrating, but the end product is worth all of the potential stress. The final article strives to address all angles, rich with information but stylistically appealing. The writers take their respective photos and complete the newspaper layout, and the print issue is finally ready to send electronically to the printer. The end of the process finally occurs on handout day, when the newspaper writers offer the culmination of their works for the entire student body to see.

“When students read the paper, the newspaper staff feels a sense of accomplishment, because they have created something that is worth attention,” said newspaper advisor Lee Wilson. “This is the most talented staff I have ever worked with, and I think they are helping to build community at Pace through their writing.”