Blue Moon photo
Blue Moon’s “Classic” pizza is topped with pepperoni, sausage, peppers and mushrooms. Photo: Will Movsovitz

Do you spend your weekends frequenting the same restaurants every time? If so, add a new name to your list and try Blue Moon Pizza. I visited Blue Moon for lunch on a Sunday and walked in right as they were opening. The restaurant was large and full of open tables. They also provide pizza bar seating where you can watch your pizza being made or seating at their bar. I chose to sit at a table towards the middle of the dining room, so I could see one of the many televisions that hang on the walls of the restaurant.

For lunch I ordered Buffalo wings as an appetizer and one of their pizzas called the “classic” for my main course. The Buffalo wings came out quickly and were served on a flat metal plate. I could tell that they had been freshly prepared because there was a lot of steam billowing off of each wing. After waiting for the wings to cool down, I decided to take my first bite.

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor since the wings were much better than I was expecting. They were not over-sauced or overcooked, and the sauce was the perfect heat level for me. If you are not a fan of spice, the restaurant offers many different varieties of sauce, each varying in spice level. After devouring the wings, my brother and I were ready to relax and wait for the pizzas to be prepared. However, we were shocked to see the pizzas ready immediately after the waiter removed our tray of wings.

The pizzas arrived to the table looking very hot. My pizza, the classic, came with pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers and mushrooms, and all of the toppings looked fresh. Blue Moon pizzas are prepared with thin crust and sprinkled with cracked black pepper as they leave the oven. The pepper was the one negative on a pizza that I very much enjoyed. I just do not understand where cracked black pepper fits into an Italian style pizza, but some people might enjoy the extra depth of flavor.

Overall, Blue Moon is a casual restaurant that serves quality pizza in a fun, almost sports bar atmosphere. Next time you are hungry, try one of Blue Moon’s four Atlanta locations, and I promise you will not be disappointed.