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Pace Students Perform Remarkably in Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition

Senior Elizabeth Hawn showing off her favorite photography piece. Photo: Amy Butler

Senior Elizabeth Hawn shows off her favorite photography piece. Photo: Amy Butler

As announced by Mr. Ricks Carson and Mr. France Dorman, the regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have been awarded for 2016 and Pace students performed outstandingly. These prestigious awards are given in 29 categories of art and writing, with the highest award being that of Gold Key. Regional Gold Key medalists are considered for national recognition, with national medalists slated to be announced on March 14. 

One nominee whose skills were recognized was senior Elizabeth Hawn. Her senior art portfolio (photography) earned her a Silver Key. A senior art portfolio is different from individual entries in that only seniors can compose them, they are made up of eight pieces of art, and contestants must submit an explanation along with their work. “I submitted last year and didn’t win anything, so I wanted this year to be my year of redemption,” she said.

Elizabeth took Introduction to Art her freshmen year, and ever since then, she knew she wanted to pursue the field throughout high school. In photography class her sophomore year, she learned a special technique: “The technique is based in the dark room, and it adds special tones to the photo that add depth,” she said. “Most of my photos are in that technique.”

Gold and Silver Key winning submissions are brought to Savannah College of Art and Design and displayed there. “I am really excited to have my art shown at SCAD because it shows off the hard work that I put into it,” said senior Lian Shepherd, who received a Gold Key for drawing and illustration, and three honorable mention awards for her senior art portfolio, painting, and drawing and illustration.

Other standout winners include senior Stephen Reisner, who won a Gold Key and American Voices Nomination for his personal essay/memoir; senior Carolyne Eith, who won a Gold Key for her flash fiction; and sophomore Julia Gray who received a Gold Key for her personal essay/memoir.

Below is the complete list of students who received awards:


Gold Key:

Carolyne Eith ‘16 – Flash Fiction

Julia Gray ‘18 – Personal Essay/Memoir

Stephen Reisner ‘16 – Personal Essay/Memoir (also American Voices Nomination)

Silver Key:

Grace Dwyer ’18 – Personal Essay/Memoir

Ashley Little ’16 – Two awards for Poetry

Lexi Rubin ‘16 – Critical Essay

Honorable Mention:

Jordan Harris ‘16 – Senior Portfolio

Will Movsovitz ‘17 – Poetry

Lexi Rubin ‘16 – Humor

Lindsey Sample ‘16 – Poetry and Senior Portfolio

Sydney Sommerville ‘16 – Poetry

Visual Art:

Gold Key:

Grace Ferry ’16 – Mixed Media

Hope Lennox ‘16 – Two awards for Mixed Media

Lian Shepherd ‘16 – Drawing & Illustration

Silver Key:

Elizabeth Hawn ‘16 – Senior Art Portfolio for Photography

Laura Shelton ‘17 – Photography and two awards in Digital Art (photography)

Tahirah Williams ‘17 – Ceramics (sculpture)

Sophie Zelony ‘17 – Photography

Honorable Mention:

Callaway Chase ‘16 – Photography

Lizzie DuPree ‘16 – Photography

Grace Ferry ‘16 – Mixed Media

Carter Ferguson ‘19 – Photography

Lizabeth Frowein ‘17 – Two awards for Photography

Katie Jordan ’17 – Photography

Hope Lennox ‘16 – Painting

Lauren Pickman ‘16 – Four awards for Ceramics

Justin Rayman ‘17 – Ceramics

Ciara Sadaka ‘16 -Four awards for Ceramics

Lindsey Sample ‘16 – Digital Art (photography) and two awards for Photography

Lian Shepherd ‘16 – Senior Art Portfolio, Drawing & Illustration, and Painting 

Carly Silverstein ‘17 – Sculpture

Jack Wallace ‘17 – Photography

Paige Williams ‘16 – Senior Art Portfolio for Photography and individual award for Photography 

Sophie Zelony ‘17 – Photography