Meet Bachelor and Heartthrob Jack McMillin

Junior Jack McMillin fends off females left and right.

Junior Jack McMillin fends off females left and right.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, ladies are earnestly searching for their knight in shining armor to save them from loneliness on February 14th.  Luckily, one certain junior heartthrob is still up for grabs, yet this man is in high demand. He is a perfect combination of sour yet sweet, supple yet rugged, and raw yet refined. Meet our 2016 bachelor of the year, Jack McMillin.

Although Jack will surely be occupied on Valentine’s Day with dozens of dates, he describes his perfect night as “having a nice sushi dinner at Umi before heading to the movies and enjoying a flick.” He also claims that afterwards, he would take his date to an ice skating rink and teach her how to ice skate before ending the night with some “ice cream at the local parlor.” Although rumors of McMillan and sophomore Erica Tashma have swept the school by storm, McMillan claims that the relationship is strictly professional. “Debate is my true love,” said McMillan. “However, I wouldn’t mind having a woman around to pass the time.”

In his free time, John “Jack” Patrick McMillin enjoys writing prose, playing golf and debating his fellow classmates on various subjects. “I have so much poetry to share,” explains Jack. “I am eager to find a woman who will let me serenade her with my literary gifts.”

When asked about his perfect woman, Jack says he wants someone who “is long, tan and handsome” and who is easy to talk to. Jack is wicked smart, nice on the eyes and enjoys a great banter. He claims that his best quality is his listening skills. “I am happy to help anyone through their problems,” says Jack. “I am often told that I give great advice!”

Despite all of these amazing qualities, Jack is still a normal dude in high supply. He can often be found surrounded by friends with a smile on his face. If this dreamy catch sounds like a good Valentine’s date, you better hurry and ask him out before he’s swarmed by all the other women.