5 min kayla and sammy

Five Minutes with Sammy Lettes and Kayla Ross

Cute couple Sammy Lettes and Kayla Ross cuddle in the gardens after a long day of school. Photo: Dori Greenberg

Cute couple Sammy Lettes and Kayla Ross cuddle in the gardens after a long day of school. Photo: Dori Greenberg

KN: So y’all have known each other for a long time. When did you start dating?

Kayla Ross: We started dating in October.

KN: What do Julia and Alex (Ross) think about this?

Sammy Lettes: They probably don’t love it.

KR: I think they’re pretty supportive.

KN: Has it made your relationship with Alex uncomfortable?

SL: Yeah, one time we were sitting on the couch and Alex was sitting in the loft above us, kinda staring us down. I could tell he was upset.

KN: What’s your favorite thing to do as a couple?

SL: Probably watch TV, mostly “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

KN: Kayla, what’s Sammy’s favorite color?

KR: Blue.

KN: Sammy, what’s Kayla’s favorite color?

SL: Blue!

KR: We talked about it and made sure we knew stuff like this a few days ago. (laughs)

KN: Sammy, if you could cook Kayla one thing for Valentine’s Day, what would it be?

SL: I would probably make her some nice lasagna or something.

KR: Ew! Lasagna? Just say ice cream.

SL: Chocolate ice cream as well.

KN: There are rumors flying around that you are cousins. Can you confirm or deny these rumors?

SL: Not officially (laughs). We used to kinda be family friends, but not as much since we started dating.

KN: What was your first date?

SL: We went to Pero’s and then went to a football game.

KN: What are the best presents you’ve gotten for each other?

KR: He got a very nice necklace for my birthday.

KN: What kind?

SL: A gold necklace with a charm on it.

KN: Is the grade barrier awkward for you two? 

SL: There used to be a couple others [junior-freshman couples] but then they broke up and now it’s just us. We’ll see how it is at PDC (laughs).

KR: We don’t have a ton of mutual friends. I know Alex [Ross, her brother] and Ross [Cefalu], and he knows Carly [Irvine], but that’s about it.

KN: Are there any pet peeves you have about each other?

KR: He says “spaghetti” really weird. Say it!

SL: No! She laughs a little too much. (Kayla laughs)

KR: I can’t help it!

KN: What are your deepest, darkest secrets?

KR: That’s just weird.

KN: If you were trapped on a desert island and could bring one teacher to help you survive, who would it be?

SL: Definitely Kevin Ballard

KR: Yeah, I’d take Mr. Ballard too.

KN: If you could be raised by a dinosaur, robot or an alien, which would you choose?

KR: Definitely a dinosaur, because aliens are scary and robots are weird.

SL: Can I choose the dinosaur robot? It’s got all the good qualities of a dinosaur and a robot.

KN: Any big plans for Valentine’s Day?

SL: It’s a secret. I’m going to surprise her.

KR: That’s code for he hasn’t come up with anything yet. (laughs)

KN: Kayla, were you the one who took Sammy’s Lincoln Logs?

KR: They’re actually the Ross family Lincoln Logs.

SL: Alex lost them, but for some reason I left my FirstClass open that day and somebody posted that I lost my Lincoln Logs and it just got out of control.