‘Hello’ Adele, Glad You’re Back


Adele’s new album 25, released on Nov. 20, broke the record for single-week sales. Photo:

The expression “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is almost inadequate when expressing the utter excitement associated with the release of Adele’s new album 25 on Nov. 20. The British singer and songwriter is finally back from her four and a half year hiatus, and has made one hell of an entrance, breaking the record for single-week album sales with 2.43 million copies sold in the first four days.

Adele previously took the world by storm in a hurricane of emotional heartbreak with her album 21 containing hits such as “Rolling in the Deep” and “Set Fire to the Rain.” Now, Adele has captured the world once again, but this time depicts the stronger woman that she has become. The powerful, riveting and exceptionally talented Adele Adkins is back, and everyone is thrilled to say “Hello.”

Adele incorporates her soulful voice as the main instrument in her songs, in contrast with the heavy percussion and background music that guide today’s pop songs. In “All I Ask,” in collaboration with Bruno Mars, there is only a piano in the background, giving the listener a John Legend feel. “I Miss You,” in collaboration with Paul Epworth, contains drums and layered voices, giving the song more simplistic qualities but ultimately leaving the listener even more attached to Adele’s captivating vocals.

Adele brings a new twist to her album with the poppy song “Send My Love (To Your New Lover).” In collaboration with Max Martin, the song has an upbeat vibe that differs from the melodic nature of other songs on the album, such as the passionate song “Love in the Dark.” Also with her final song on the album, “Sweetest Devotion,” there are heavy drums that kick in to give the song an optimistic vibe.

What is most appealing about her album is the genuineness rooted in her lyrics, especially in the song “Remedy.” Set in her lower register, Adele gives a blues feel to the song that is incredibly touching and intimate, like the listener is connected to her in some way. The vibes are contagious, especially when found in the touching lyrics of “Million Years Ago.” With lyrics like, “Life is flashing by,” Adele reflects on her life and the decisions she has made, but gives hope for the future. Also with her preview song “Hello,” Adele drives at reconnecting with someone she loves by incorporating riveting vocals to give the listener a balance of heartache and ambition.

Adele’s originality appeals to all ages by drawing on what it is like to be in love and how her humble and endearing nature is enough to attract anyone’s attention. The production value is focused on giving listeners the sensation that Adele is singing directly to them. As a result, Adele’s intimacy and vulnerability is what heightens her extensive fan base as she commands attention with her signature melodic vocal style and soulful lyrics.

While her previous album 21 contained songs based on heartbreak, she adds some positivity and clarity from her life in her new album. With heart wrenching vocals, Adele elicits a combination of anguish and strength that evokes intense emotion to once again capture the world’s heart, soul and mind.